The place I feel the best is at home, hanging around with my peeps. I like walking in the woods or downtown with one of my friends or children. I like traveling and exploring where I am invisible but can imagine.

And of course having some kind of tea or coffee in hand, in a real mug or cup--not paper, please, makes the talking go better.

 Talking and just being with my sweet, old friends, with whom I can be almost 60, slowing down, all my faults and challenges known, but still loved because of all the years we have invested in each other's lives.

Having time to ponder and reflect and evaluate life away from the hustle and bustle is a dream and is the motive behind my little trips away.

I love to be invisible.

Today, my choice is that I will invest in the quiet, as my days filled with loudness stresses my center.

May you have some quietness and rest this weekend.

Please be blessed in the choices you make.