In quietness and trust is your strength

me, Sarah and Joy walking on a wooded path, alone and yet together-a precious heritage of peace. (Joel, sneaking a picture behind us!)

"Sometimes the most urgent thing you can do is take a complete rest." Ashleigh Brilliant

Anyone who knows me well or has read any of my books, knows that I am an avid walker. Wildness if preferred--away from the crowds, in nature, hopefully, in some silence. When I lived in big cities, I would look for parks or back streets, or interesting cobblestoned roads, where I could lose myself in invisibility.

Why? Because my life is constantly demanding and people are taking from my soul and heart and mind and body on a regular basis, all the time.. I know that if I do not refuel and rest and get away, I will be an empty vessel.

Walking is a sort of therapy for me. I can be still in mind, get all of my adrenalin out, and it seems it gives the Lord access to my soul away from those who would "want" me or from the tasks that would steal more energy from my body and heart. When my children were very little, I would bundle them up, squish them into a stroller and take them along. Whatever it took to get me away from the sounds, demands, enticements of things that would steal from my energy or take from my soul--and into a place of rest.

God says to us, "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46: 10

and "In quietness and trust is your strength."Isaiah 30: 15

In the midst of this coming holiday--this holy day, may you find rest for your souls, strength for your body. May you exercise Sabbath rest, in some small way this weekend, that you may have joy and wisdom for the days ahead, in which you will be busily investing your time and love to those who need you.

Peace be with you, the Lord is near.