Inspiring to greatness, capturing a vision for life! Vote for Nate!

"The future destiny of a child is always a work of the mother." Napoleon Bonaparte I understood very early in my journey of motherhood, that one of my main goals was to help cast a vision into the life of all of my children that they had a "work" to do in the world. I told them that they were each designed to accomplish feats of courage, to bring light into a dark world, to use their talents, skills and stories to build their own sphere of influence to promote the love of God, the foundational strength of families, and to bring about righteousness and strength in the world.

Biographies of great people lined our bookshelves and lent to hundreds of hours of reading great stories about people who had become heroes in their own generation.

And then little, freckle face, extroverted Nathan looked up at me one day when he was 7,  and said very confidently, "Mama, I want to grow up to be superman! Superman came from another world, just like Jesus, to help and save all those people who needed help. I want to be a hero who does something to help!"

A Colorado mountain moment this summer with Nathan, my resident Superman.

Fast forward many years. Nathan grew in his desire to have an impact on his world. After high school,  Nathan prayed that God would open doors for him for 2 years after high school to allow him to go into acting or singing, to make an impact with his life. Then, God allowed him to win the singer-songwriter competition and received a scholarship to the New York Film Academy. Next, he moved to New York City and had miracle after miracle to find an amazing apartment, Christian roommates and fared well in his year there.

Finally, he moved to Hollywood, has been in numerous television movie projects, barely making ends meet, but still there learning the ropes. He is in a great church, has become a leader in the college ministry group and is leading a men's Bible study there.

Now, a great opportunity has arisen for my Nathan. You can help me to give him a wonderful opportunity.

He has made it into the finals of a singer-songwriting competition. After making it into the finals, the winner is decided by popular vote. Each finalist is allowed to send this information to allow friends, fans and all who are able to receive 10 votes for his music. Will you please help me by voting, having your kids vote, or whoever is willing to vote for Nate's song? The winner gets to play his song at an Actors Musicians Talent Competition in Orlando, Florida in January and will get exposure to music producers, acting directors, and agencies from all over the United States. It would be a wonderful opportunity for Nathan to get to present himself to these leaders in the industry.

You can help me, as the mom who is seeking to support my kids dreams for their destiny to make an impact in their world, by voting and then please consider sending it to your friends, children, and families, to also vote for Nate--kinda like an American Idol online. I really appreciate your consideration.

Please help me by voting for Nathan!

You put your curser on this page:

Nathan is about 2/3's of the way down the list. Then, go to the side of his name and put a check in the box that says, "I like" and then go to the bottom of the page and submit.  It would mean so much to me if you could vote for Nathan and help me support this superman who has dreams of bringing His light to an industry that needs restoration.

Nate singing at a family camp where he worked with the kids this summer!

Please vote for wonderful Nate.

Would appreciate it if you could tweet about this to your friends! thanks so very much--exciting to see what the Lord will do! Thanks again!