It all started with an invitation.

Old picture of sweet comrades in York where we visited Jame's Harriot's House (a trip that started from a friend inviting me over.)

An Invitation

Just reaching out, making one little phone call, an email or a fb message. Just a few invitations from friends have changed my life forever. That's how it has all started for me--these friends I have and don't deserve. One person took initiative to reach out to me, and through it events, thousands of lives influenced, family foundations changed for eternity,

No one else saw my silent prayers to know if God existed, but God saw. He put it on the heart of a woman to give me the time of day.

Someone knocked on my dorm door and asked if she could talk to me. She took a risk.....

She graciously showed interest in me and then told me how much God loved me and then invited me to a student meeting.

That's how it all started--finding love, finding friends, purpose, adventure, meaning, friends, fellowship.

Starting a ministry, writing books, creating a blog, hosting intensives, creating conferences.

She changed the course of my life, my marriage, my children's lives, my very destiny--all by one knock on my door and an invitation.

It just takes one person saying, "You want to go out to lunch or coffee?" Or "Would you like to come to my house for a cup of tea?"  "Do you want to talk?"or "Do you want to go with me to a Bible study for moms? It sounds interesting."

I am amazed at how much has happened in my life because one sweet, shy woman, boldly took initiative to knock on my door and talk to me.


This morning, I have been on the phone talking with different friends from all over the United States, calling me to help with our Mom's conferences coming up.   I, in no way, deserve these sweet women but they are now in my life because 40 years ago, someone took the initiative to share a life-changing message with me. And so now, though I sin and make mistakes and do things I am embarrassed of, I learned to live by faith, believe in His miracles, invest in ideals and then share this with those He brought into my pathway. And now, I am over blessed with connection to women I never deserved to have as friends, but who willingly move into my heart, all because we are connected by this invisible, creative and loving Life--called Jesus.

I sit in my home and marvel what God has let me be a part of--a movement of like-minded women who want to make a difference in their own personal worlds. I am blessed with them because

 just  one woman

encouraged me to reach out and to call some friends to tell them about the good news that had changed my life.

So today, I am sitting in the adventure of my little den and seeing miracles take place.

One  friend, just called to pray with me about our family and ministry and health. Others wrote to offer to  are organize  the teas at the different conferences and to offer great ideas about food, talks, devotionals. Some are going to search out our traditional  hearts and chocolates that will grace the tables at the tables of each conference, as always in the past.

Talking to Sarah Mae in Penn. about our chapters in the new book we are writing. Talking with Kristen Kill in New York who is helping design a new ministry. Talking to Lynn Custer in North Carolina who called to say she found some favors. Emailing Misty in Florida about a new book club she is working on. Emailing with Courtney in Ohio about her ministry to women and spreading gentleness amongst the moms from her blog. Talking with Sandra Maddox in California who is providing a ride to the airport and an adventure and a poem. Getting emails from sweet friends saying they will organize the speakers, make meals, buy chocolates, ........

Feeling quite blessed to be associated with precious, servant leader women--they are amazing and we are all connected because of

One Invitation that someone took the initiative to give me to know Him, just 40 years ago

Is someone waiting for an invitation from you, that just might, beyond your imagination, change the course of history?


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