It's just been one of those days.........

My shelf in our den

Monday morning and I have a zillion articles to write for different networks and blogs and a ministry newsletter in light of a really fun and big announcement we have coming this week, (stay tuned and get ready to help us promote our ministry venture to moms).

We had unpacked some boxes from my mom's home that have sat in our garage for 6 months untouched because of busy life and surgery.

So, Joel and Joy and I had a plan to work for 1 hour this morning putting some of the things away and into our house. I thought I could add some of the treasures I had given to her and then inherited on my den bookshelf to spruce it up just a bit.

We want this to be our European room with little treasures that we had bought when in missions many years ago. And so we were getting some things arranged in an interesting way, when I walked across the floor to bring just one more thing to add,

Antique hutch from England with king, queen and angels atop--framed k and q from my days in Poland as a missionary.

when....some framed pictures, lying against the stairs, slipped as I was walking by, I stepped into one of them, and trying not to knock anything else down, slid on the glass like a skate board across our wood floor, trying not to get cut and trying not to fall flat and knock my teeth out, so in slow motion, twisted, turned, smashed my toes, wrenched my ankle, hit my knee and then slammed face down onto the floor. Wish I had a movie of it all.

After putting on ice on my ankle and toes and taking some ibuprofen, I am left with soar neck, shoulder, ankle and knee and am now back to thinking about writing--

but at least most of the things are put away and the shelves look more interesting and less cluttered again.

Off to have a more boring day, Lord willing.