It's Monday--be kind to yourself today!

Cappicino with extra whip!

What a great weekend. Hundreds of sweet moms of every age, lots of talking, giggling, estrogen and great friendship and inspirational talks. Lots of adrenalin and energy invested!

But I have found over the years, what goes up, must come down. Mondays are that sort of day. Weekends are off schedule, activities, sweets, church, friends, food--and then it is "getting back to the grind" Mondays.

I think Mondays are days for grace--be kind to yourself. Put beauty into your day. Turn on some music. Kiss a few people and touch them. Dance to music as you wash the dishes.

Get a cup of coffee with an extra shot.  Eat at least one square of dark sea salt chocolate almond. Forgive yourself today. If you forgive yourself, you won't be so grumpy and harsh and we all know that harshness creates tension--it doesn't create order.

"Mom, when you feel happy and sing and dance around the house, we all feel like we are on top of the world," said Joel.

Be happy, give your burdens to God. Everyone will be the better for your day. And so I am planning for a grace-filled day, because I know there are lots of demanding days ahead and I am pacing myself--with my heart aimed at joy.