Join us For our Second Podcast: Foundations for Flourishing

All of us women and mamas give out of our resources on a daily basis. We give love in relationships, we use our physical energy to serve others and to work, and we become emptier the more we give. So often as a mom plans a new school year, she considers the most important activities for herself and her children. She buys and collects books, resources for her classes. She plans meals, routines for keeping her house going, and she takes care of all the practical issues from grocery shopping to keeping the house relatively in order.

Often, though, women do not realize that the most important planning should be for the most important resource to insure a flourishing year for herself--she must plan how she will fill her own heart, soul, mind and strength as she is the most important factor in helping her family to flourish. If a woman is not filled, she will not be able to accomplish all of those great plans or build healthy relationships or mentor her children.

In our podcast today, we will explore how a woman can keep her heart and emotions strong and healthy. We will also pursue those greatest priorities to insure that her soul is full, her life delightful and her personal desires having a place to be fulfilled.

Hope you enjoy our newest podcast.

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