Joy to the World indeed the Lord has come!


A blurred but artistic picture Joy took of our mantel before a Christmas party at our home in our living room!

Oh, my! As usual, the days are flying by! I have so much to write to you in the next few days that I may just write a blog a day for a while! But I haven't been writing because I have been making family and friends a priority! And of course having lots of fun myself. 

First, Joy and I are reading every day in our devotionals a wonderful advent book, called The Jesse Tree. We are loving it. A very sweet friend sent us a bag full of wrapped little presents that we open one day at a time and read the verses that go with it! Loving my time each morning, staying in our gowns and eating home made mcmuffins with home made bread, sipping our juice and sharing our wisdom in scripture over candlelight and fire place. What a luxury to have the opportunity to have leisurely time talking to my sweet daughter about our wonderful savior without having to hurry this memory. (It has been quite cold!)

Flying to Nashville and on to Earlington, Kentucky to visit my sister-friend! We are not really related, but I never had a sister and neither did she. She flew to my home for 28 years in a row over the Christmas holidays to keep the commitment to be family to each other we had made as single missionaries. So now, the past few years as she is homebound, I fly to Gwennie's house to celebrate Christmas. She has been the family God knew we would need when we didn't have many around to love us. She always wraps mounds of tiny gifts to delight each of my children and me--even if it is tiny, like a flashlight or pocket knife or pair of pretty socks. We go one gift at a time and ooh and ahh! It is like really having a real live auntie or grandmom for my sweet ones.

Mrs. Janie's tea room--Sarah, Joy, and Gwen enjoying the civility!

Our trip included a luncheon to a tiny town in Sacremento, Kentucky to Mrs. Janie's, a tea house in a Victorian home that serves on the weekends only. We had 3 courses--ambrosia with pineapple scones, buttered asparagous with a baked chicken breast in herbed cheese and wrapped in phyllo dough and a baked potato casserole with cheese and chives and red velvet cake and ice cream for desert with a cup of tea--all girlish memories. I love making memories with my girls around other like-minded, godly women who are life-giving and build into their souls. Gwennie loves them and models Christ to them and on the side is just a lot of fun.

After this, we celebrated Christmas and I got two blue--blue shirts and a cd of great music. We ate coconut pie--a classic that Gwen's mom always made! And then one of my best times was attending the Messiah with all the girls. I dearly love the Messiah and always marvel at the way God stirred Handel to gather all of the scripture in such a way as to tell the Great Story. Everyone should gently lead their their family to love the Messiah. Joy and I were humming under our breath, Sarah and Gwen were living in ecstacy during several of the choruses. Such beauty in words and music.

Finally, went to Nashville to visit with precious friends who have shared life and history with me since our 25 year olds were wee ones. Such a fun time to pray, talk, share, have lunch at Puffy Muffin and watch our girls catch up with each other. Of course there were lots of, "I can't believe how much you have grown up!" on all sides.

Nate driving off to California in front of our home with his car. I was so brave! till I went inside! :)

Having Nathan on my mind. Would you pray with me for the Lord to show Him favor and find him a good job that can help to pay rent-- And to find  favor with his agent so that she can get him auditions and also that the Lord would specifically direct Nathan in a place where he can find a good community in this work and have a settled, long term job or one good commercial!  Nathan loves the Lord and is hoping to serve Him in the arena of music, acting, speaking and writing--but at this moment needs our wonderful Lord to open doors for him and give him favor with the right people. Would so appreciate your prayers for my dear, fun, loving Nathan boy! Can't wait to see what God will do as I have seen Him love answering prayer the past few years and He is the Lord of North Hollywood. All this mothering is a continued walk of faith and labor in the gates of heaven.  And of course it is the training grounds of my sweet son as well. Thanks ever so much.

Oh so much more this week, but it will have to wait till tomorrow. May God bless you, every one! I have some cookies to get out of the oven! Preparing for our two book parties for Sarah and there will be such treats. More later this week about the pictures of my home during this season; weathering the blues and storms during this season with Him, our humble king; recipes, babies, favorite catalogues and things to order and traditions for all ages. Oh, I am blessed today.

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