just a few things

Hi, Sweet friends!I am so frustrated because I usually write back (on email) every one who comments on my blog. However, when I have tried to send them to my email from the wholeheart box they come to, I am only getting about one out of every five! So, though I really love it when people comment because it helps me to know there are people out in cyberspace, I can't seem to make it work. So I might eventually go back to my old address but I will let all of you know what I decide.

I am currently working on a book right now that address the idea of cultivating a heat of joy in a disappointing world. Also, hard at work on some exciting projects for Whole Heart Ministries. Clay and I really feel that moms are the key to building a righteous generation, but so many sweet moms haven't been trained for their role, lack the philosophy to carry them through, don't have a deep understanding of scripture and have few support systems or accountability. Clay came up with an idea that will encompass a whole new ministry outreach. We are praying together about how to create a sense of spiritual movement amongst moms all over the world committed to raising a godly generation.

So we are seeking to develop a new ministry that would be an international network of moms developing small groups to gather around the word together--to keep each other encouraged and to help support this difficult but important calling! I am convinced that those women and families who are alone and isolated without friends to speak encouragement in their lives are much more vulnerable to spiritual discouragement and loneliness. We are developing a leadership group who will give input, articles, speak and train at future conferences. We are also developing small group Bible studies for all of our current mom's books as well as seeking to develop some new Bible Studies that moms can use in their homes for daily encouragement.

We hope to develop a web site soon and maybe even begin putting up messages--audio and video--that we hope will give moms a place to come to receive regular encouragement and input. We would so appreciate any of your thoughts and input on these areas. We are hoping to begin raising the funding for staff and new Bible study materials and guides and projects. it is too big for us to do alone with all of our  other commitments,  and so we are praying that the Lord will raise up others  who can help us in our newest vision for ministry. If you would like to receive our email newsletter about all that is happening and all that we are doing, please subscribe to our newsletter list at admin@wholeheart.org as we will be sending out more information to those on our newsletter list very soon. It is exciting to see the Lord opening many doors as we move ahead. We would love to see many of you become a part of our network!

I would appreciate your prayers in regard to all of this. Also, if any of you would like to be a part of such a network, please email admin@wholeheart.org and you will be put on a list to receive notification of conferences, possible news letters, events and small groups in your area as we become more organized, and other happenings to tie you into all that we hope to see the Lord doing. Also, if you desire to be a leader of a small group and would be interested in more information on how we can help you be successful in creating an environment in which the Lord will work for a small group of women in your life, please email me (Sally@wholeheart.org or admin@wholeheart.org).

I am so excited to see what the Lord is doing. He is raising up others nationally who are becoming a part of the leadership and  helping us to invest in the writing of  some of our materials.   But for now, I need to keep working on my book, support Joy in her role as the mother duck in Honk, a Broadway musical being performed with our local drama group about the Ugly Duckling, send Sarah off to Nashville for a week as she goes to visit a dear friend and drive Joel home from Masterworks and seek a reasonable loan for Nate with his new school this fall. I am very thankful for all that the Lord is doing in our lives. He has blessed us so much and I thank Him for His faithfulness. I am also thankful for so many of you, my friends, who help keep us going!

Have a wonderful week! Blessings! Sally Sally@wholeheart.org