Just a little thought

Many years ago, I heard James Dobson speak about how moms used to have other moms right next door who hung the laundry outside their home and moms and grandmoms near by to talk with, share the children with, fellowship with and to have time together without having to go far away. He suggested that now we often place stress on our marriages because we want our husbands to make up for all of the needs that used to be met in local community.

God also meant for us to have community--to share the load, to use our gifts with each other so that we would not feel alone and isolated.

But how many women do you know that you can go to, who when you are with them, they make you want to love God more, fill your emotional cup up with hope, women who "get" you?

And so, we do need to cultivate and reach out and find those women who will help us to remain faithful, and to stay strong. And we need to be the kind of friend who gives hope, words of life and encouragement and unconditional love. It is an art of a civilized woman to extend the life and grace and beauty of Jesus to all who are in her wake, while filling up with the love of her friends that she has helped to create.

Off to speak to these precious women here. Have a lovely day.