Let's Have an Evening just to chat! "Own Your Life" Webinar Now Available!

11891260_10153527016656484_7229375915785756924_n This year marks the 20 year of Mom's conferences that Clay and I have hosted all over the world. It will probably be our last year of this conference, so I hope many of you can come. But the biggest request I have had, by far, through the years, is, "Sally, please, please do a conference in my area!"

With all the work we do, writing books, blog posts, traveling and speaking and keeping my family centered, I am just limited and slow at getting to all the things I want to do. So traveling more is impossible, But the past year, we have been listening to you. We have attempted and are getting better each time, at bringing you some of the great messages of our books and conferences right into your home.

I have had many requests to put all of these courses in one place so people can have a look at the different webcasts we have held. I hope this will allow many of you to have these videos at your leisure in your own home. I am working on getting podcasts going--after I unpack my suitcases, take care of my company who is staying at my house, caring for my family......Well, it will come, but here are the webcasts now!

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After enjoying a wonderful evening of discussion with many of you, sharing vital tenets from my book Own Your Life, and launching a new Own Your Life Study Guide, I am thrilled to say that the video of that event is now available for purchase! Buy it by clicking here.

If you would like to purchase the Study Guide, to help plan how to bring order to your year, you can get that by clicking here.

I have so loved spending evenings talking, praying, and answering questions, from my living room to yours! It is always fun to watch the chat boxes fly by. I have hosted a number of events over the past couple of years, and now you can purchase them all, by reading through below. I hope these serve as a valuable resource for you and your family!


Own Your Life - Newly Released!

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Own Your Life has inspired thousands of readers around the world with Sally Clarkson’s personal encouragement to live courageously, have great faith, and become a person of influence. Sally wants to help each person to discover the fullness of God’s design for their life. Use this seminar and planner to give you inspiration as you plan your year ahead, no matter which season in which you find yourself.

Do you long for fresh inspiration to renew your vision for life? Does your heart yearn to do something meaningful for God? Does your spirit desire to grow closer and go deeper with the Lord?

Be inspired about learning to live life on purpose, with excitement about how meaningful each day can be. A renewed life is within your reach, but you will need to make a plan to create the legacy of faith you envision. This webinar will help you begin that journey of faith and planning. As you walk with Sally through inspiring stories from her life, and interact with the Bible passages she provides, you will find new direction from the Holy Spirit for living a flourishing life. Start here to refresh your faith and renew the biblical ideals God has put in your heart.

Home-Centered Learning, Part 1

Home-Centered Learning

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This webinar is all about getting to the root of what makes up a vibrant, life-giving home; over the course of an hour and a half, I uncover some of the secrets I have discovered in my own home journey, about how to create a home where children are inspired toward excellence, learn to love knowledge, and gain a profound understanding of the God that guides and sustains them. Over the course of an hour and a half, I give practical foundations upon which to build a life for your family in the home, including:

  • How to help each child learn at their own unique pace, and in their own unique way.
  • How to create meaningful real-life experiences that enrich the lives of your children.
  • How to deeply love your children and find patience in the ups and downs of life at home.
  • How to draw your children into a love of Christ through discipleship.
  • And much more!

Take the first step on a journey of enriching your home, by stepping into my home, and letting me share my heart with you!


Home-Centered Learning, Part 2

Home-Centered Learning Pt. 2 Graphic

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Building on the foundation established in Home-Centered Learning, Part 1, this follow-up webinar fills out that structure with many more intricate details of an enriching life at home, in two rewarding sessions. In the first session, I outline 7 Mental Muscles that will become powerful tools for your children as they develop a love of learning. These include:

  • Life and Character Habits
  • Creativity in Imagination
  • Wisdom and Discernment
  • And more!

In the second hour, my daughter Sarah, an author of multiple books on the power of literature to transform the minds of your children, discusses how to instill within your children a love of books, and how those stories will engender bravery, justice, love of goodness, and other characteristics of a great individual in the hearts of each of your children.

Together with Home-Centered Learning, Part 1, I share all my best methods of crafting your home environment into something truly transcendent and transformative. Don’t miss these valuable e-conferences!

Ten Gifts of Wisdom

10 Gifts of Wisdom

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In this two-part webinar, I share about what I have learned are the vital things that every child must learn before they leave home. Gain understanding in how to plant timeless virtues deep in the heart of your children, so that they will blossom as they grow into adulthood. These gifts include:

Character - The Gift of Loving Virtue

Gratitude - The Gift of Generous Thanks

Work - The Gift of Purposeful Industry

And other invaluable lessons!

As a bonus, everyone who purchases this webinar will receive access to ten free posters of each gift, which they can print out and use as reference to the material in this webinar! Even more, there is a bonus “gift” topic included besides the 10 gifts listed in the book: The Gift of A Story-Formed Life! Learn how to kickstart a love for reading in your children. Truly one of my favorite webinar experiences, I hope you are deeply blessed by this e-conference as well.


Motherhood for Life

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What does it mean to live into the call of motherhood? God has raised us up as amazing leaders to do a beautiful, lasting work in the world, by living fully into our calling as mothers. But what does this look like on a day to day basis? How do we run the race with endurance? Drawing from my 30 years as a mother, I outline how to equip yourself for battle, and how to achieve success in every moment of life. These concepts include:

Owning Your Heritage: Defining Your Role as a Woman

Fulfilling Your Purpose: Cultivating and Bringing Life to Your World

Building Your Family Legacy: Training in Righteousness

And an additional eight other topics!

Motherhood requires our whole lives, and having lived it with faithfulness for many years now, I want to help you do the same. Please join me on this webinar journey!