Life on a chilly Saturday afternoon

Sitting here in my cozy chair, next to my fireplace that is burning strong, and

Looking at a another vase of daffodils a friend gave me as a welcome home gift, again and taking them in.

Just finished a cup of very strong loose Yorkshire tea in my favorite blue and gold tea cup.

Ate a piece of lemon-blueberry bread that Sarah had made.

Listening to instrumentals from the movie Little Women, songs composed by Ralph Von Williams and Alexander Desplat. Just finished my reading for the day of my Celtic Daily Prayer book, (readings from the Northumbria Community) and pondering a passage about Jesus from Luke 15. Do I really know how close He is to me and how much He cares for me? Do I live in His love and gentleness and remember to show my gratefulness by a contented heart.

Enjoying quiet moments after a busy, run around day, meeting Sarah early this morning and talking about the costs of taking risks and living a faith life and orienting our lives to possibilities by faith instead of being satisfied with the status quo. (costs--patience, faith, lots of work, lots of giving and creating and working while waiting for results.)

Then, making Joy breakfast and hearing her heart about how she has really been thinking lately that God's will is not about her--it's about doing His will and making Him happy. And thinking about dreams and working to achieve some worthy long term goals. (Great Saturday morning conversations--not always so.)

Next, wrapping 2 little gifts for friends, a tiny little brown and gold bird connected to a nest holding a tea candle--everyone needs a spring reminder on their coffee table--birds are one of my favorites.

Having lunch with Joy's friend and her mom. Rushing Joy to a play with another friend whose mutual friend is performing in a play this afternoon. Driving for 45 minutes straight in traffic to come home.

Putting chicken breasts in the slow cooker for chicken, sour cream, fresh green chile enchiladas tonight with homemade guacamole and an English Mystery series for family movie from World War 2. (Oh, no, we have no tortillas or cheese--one more trip out to the store.)

Wondering how I will ever start answering all the questions I have received, and deciding instead of working on this now, and while no one is at home on this rare occasion, I will go soak in a hot tub before anyone comes home.

Happy Saturday night.