Life! Weddings, funerals, deadlines, and a thankful heart


A little cafe in the car rental hall at the DFW airport.

(I have never seen any cafe or store that was Sally's, except the make-up, hair products store before the last few months! A friend just had to take the picture! Fun in the midst of sadness, the moments of life go on.)

Just barely week ago, I had arrived home from a 10 day ministry trip to the East Coast, sighing in weariness but happy to be home. Then a week ago today, we found out that my sweet mother-in-law, Nana, had taken a turn for the worst after a stroke a few days before. Clay, Sarah and I arranged a plane trip to Dallas for Monday and journeyed one more time. We were joined by Joel and Joy and Rachael and Nathan were not able to come same day, but kept in touch.

God's grace followed us in amazing ways. We had a two hour drive from the airport to Walnut Springs, where we had lived for 4 years. Nana was resting peacefully and breathing regularly. How blessed we were to be able to kiss her and stroke her hair and tell her how much we loved her. At 11:30 pm, we went upstairs to put on our pajamas. Just as we had fallen asleep, we were awakened at 12:30 am and found out that she had passed away, peacefully with only two short breaths. How amazing that we had the opportunity to say goodbye to her before she left us. Nana was 92. (My sweet sister-in-law had been watching over her meds, and breathing with the hospice team faithfully. Wiley, Clay's brother has had her living in his home for the past while. We were so very thankful for their constant care of Nana in her last months.)

The next couple of days was a whirlwind of arranging for the funeral, seeing old friends who came to honor Nana, and to be with precious family. A wedding a month ago, and a funeral a month later, were both major family events. One marked the beginning of a new family history and the other was closing of a family's history. How precious to be able to ponder where we are headed and where we have been. Both events made me so grateful for my loved ones and increased my commitment to being intentional to make time to be with them. Family is so very important throughout all of life, but life does indeed pass like a breath. Making plans for some changes ahead just to refine goals God has put on my heart as a result of these two significant events.

Now, a book deadline looms ahead, as I missed it for traveling to the funeral. So working and thinking and writing like a crazy girl will fill the next days. Life never slows down, but God has a way of intervening in our plans to slow us down in our tracks. My only real deadlines that matter are keeping my commitments to Him. The other responsibilities will always come and go and then come again.

I would appreciate your prayers for this book and that I might be able to write clearly and in a way that will inspire and encourage women who will read this a year from now.

Just thought I would check in in person. Onward, one day at a time, faith steps each day.


Nana, at her wedding.