Lifegiving Home Encounters! Special evening events with Sally Clarkson & A New Podcast

Screenshot 2016-03-25 10.58.53 As we’ve wrapped up our final MomHeart Conference season, my heart is full as I think about all the amazing memories and encounters our family has had with so many of you through these past 20 years. I love writing and sharing my heart through the written word, but my deepest joy is personal interaction and human ministry. It is what inspired The Lifegiving Home—both the new book, and my personal home over many years! The hundreds and hundreds of meals served, moments treasured, and memories made have confirmed to me the beauty of a life lived in personal giving. There is nothing so rewarding as sharing life with others and finding the joy of Christ in that encounter.

In the weeks since the last conference ended, Clay and I have been so very thankful for the many friends made, the memories lived, and the opportunity to be a part of a movement of God through moms all over the world. So, I pray every day about the next step. Let me know if you have any ideas.

I am praying about what kind of conference I will try to host next year that will be the most helpful and inspiring for kindred spirits like you! I am dreaming of more ways to reach, train and inspire women all over the world, to walk with God and to live a story for generations to talk about in the years to come. More books, more online conferences and podcasts, something coming in Spanish, and a mini-intensive in Oxford 10 days from now, and more more more! Praying about how to limit the ideas and about what women want to see happen--so please let me know your ideas.

In that spirit, I am excited to say that we are exploring a potential new venture for this coming summer: Lifegiving Home Encounters! I so desire to bring the personal ministry of our home to you, and these ‘encounters’ would be evening events, with an inspiring workshop given by me, replete with many beautiful slides  of our home, traditions, creative ideas, as well as a beautiful presentation of piano music from Joel!

We are thrilled to announce the first two of these events, which will be held in Raleigh, NC. We would love to have any of you join us! Click the following links to find out more details and to register:

A Lifegiving Home Encounter - Cary, NC - April 25th

A lifegiving Home Encounter - Wake Forest, NC - April 26th

Lots is happening in the international arena and I will be telling you more about that soon. I will be speaking in Oxford, England with 40 women in a mini-intensive. Clay and I have a  goal to eventually  have ministry conferences, ministry training for teams of women in different regions all over the world. And Oxford is a natural first choice with Sarah living there. (I must have an excuse to see her.)

Next, I will be in North Carolina with Joel, since so many who have attended conferences there have asked us to come back. Finally, a  private engagement in Philadelphia and then home! So pray God will open ways for me to speak, finally, in areas where we have never been able to host conferences. Hope to see many of you soon.

We have had many people from all over the United States request us for events, and so we are excited to see these evenings develop. We are hoping to find churches, auditoriums, meeting rooms and other similar venues. If you have an interest in hosting such an even, let us know. which would have a grand piano as well as the audio/visual setup to support powerpoint. We are currently seeking new events in the following areas:

DFW/Austin, TX

San Diego/Orange County, CA (we are possibly committed to speaking there in late June and could do another event when we are in the area.)

Denver/Fort Collins, CO

We might be able to consider one or two more regional areas if we were able to interact with a large enough group to enable the logistics involved in such an event, if we can fit it in this summer. If you know of a church or other beautiful meeting space that meets the parameters above, please let us know! We are so excited to bring the message of the Lifegiving Home in this new format and are seeking places where we might host our bigger conferences early next January and February.

For further information, please contact Joel at:

We look so forward to seeing many of you at these new events!

And please let us know what are your favorite places where we are currently working.

(podcasts, conferences, blog, books, etc.)


I think you will also enjoy my newest podcast with Kristin today, so don't miss it.

Civility, decorum and honor in our manners matter so much in the world arena in which we find ourselves. With so many embarrassing leaders, shallow, disappointing and vain messages all over media, how profoundly important it is that we train our children to be excellent in diplomacy, humility and graciousness. Today's podcast is how to train this into the values and foundational manners into the heart of your children.

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