What fun we had in London! I love traveling with my children for many reasons and I will write a post about it later, but I could see their minds growing and taking in. It is easy for us to think of God as an American but traveling and getting into other people's arenas up close broadens our souls. We just happened on the parliament as we were walking to Westminster Abbey. It is like the congress of the US. Joy had so much fun sneaking quick snapshots of the men in their wigs and high heeled shoes and purple neck rings and black robes. Why do they still wear those, Mom? Can you imagine McCain or Obama wearing those? 

  And here we are at the Thames river where so many mysteries and stories have been told about the River--even many of Dicken's stories! (with the Parliament in the background--a little older and grander than our own Congressional Hall!)





And how about Trafalgar Square--right in the center of downtown London with a very wonderful monument built to celebrate Lord Nelson who led the English navy to defeat Napoleon--lots of historical stories to relate! The same day we saw 10 Downing Street where the Prime minister was housed--where there was a demonstration against the war--with several wearing George Bush masks with signs that said, "GB--the supreme terrorist." Also saw Covent Gardens, the market area where wares were sold and bought and vegetables, fruit and flowers could be purchased--where Eliza Doolittle was selling her flowers in My Fair Lady. Well, I am off to teach a class and must off.

Have a great day!