Make it your ambition

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life." I Thess. 4:11

Savory soups bubbling on the stove and warm bread with butter and strong cures of cheese, accompanied  by homemade applesauce.

Long walks in the woods and mountains, taking in the art of leaves, chill wind, color and reminder that life is always changing, and always to be cherished-- with my most precious ones.

Fireplaces blazing with tea or coffee or cider and stories being read.

Real conversations that take lots of time, face to face without my eyes on a machine or phone--but real listening, touching, sharing hearts, giving words of encouragement and life--which require time and focus.

Long quiet times, seeking Him and His values and His ways for myself and my family.

Filling my mind with story, encouragement, inspiration, rest, so that I actually have something left in my soul to offer to those who would draw from there.

Rest and Sabbath times--quiet, away, undistracted, peaceful.

This is my hope for autumn.