Make This the "Summer of God's Love" & You are the Best! A Bundle Giveaway!

Angela Perritt and me! :)

Truly, truly, you are all the best! I am amazed that I get to have such amazing friends to know and share with on my blog! Because of you, our book is reaching sweet women all over the world. To thank you, look below at some of my books I am giving away!

Today, after a moonlit walk with my son, Joel, I sat on the porch in our rocking chairs, talking heart to heart with Him about God's abiding and constant presence in our lives. What a sweet moment to share in deep thoughts with him as a grown man, and hearing of the ways God's love has held him fast through the last years of living far from home. So touching to see God speaking of His love even to my children when they are far away in very difficult places.

Love never fails! God's love never fails.

I fail. Everyone in your life will fail or let you down some time. But God's love never fails.

Always, every day, He is consistent in His love for you. He has good will for you, every day, all the time!

Angela and I couldn't be more excited about sharing our summer book study with all of you precious women all over the world. We have been so surprised and astounded at how the Lord is getting our book concept out in the hands of women. We did not have a big marketing plan--as a matter of fact, no marketing plan. Let's just tell our friends and pray.

Meanwhile, I was on a week long trip away from home, and didn't have time to focus on marketing. Angela was graduating her precious girls from their different activities and May celebrations--and we would share a bit here and there and then God did the rest! Out of all of the books all over the world, and those 18 million books listed on Amazon, we saw God take us to the 23 most popular book--the top 100 on Amazon. He did it all while were both busy taking care of our families!

But really, you all are the heroes. To have friends like you, joining us in seeking to reach women with this study, is the real story. Imagine if we saw a revolution of women loving like God--loving their friends, loving their families and children, loving their neighbors, loving those who have hurt them--loving themselves. What an amazing energy of God through us we would see all over the world.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.44.13 PM

The amazon page last night when we hit #23.

Amazon determines the price--not us! So for a few hours today, it was on sale for $6.87! But we hope you and your friends will be able to get the book and join us as we meet together this summer for the best Bible study fellowship together! You can get it here. 


To register for the study, to receive emails from us, guidance for our study and to find out about other groups studying this together,

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For everyone helping us, Clay and I want to give away a bundle of our books! If you win, you can pick any 5 books and we will send them to you--for yourself or to share with your friends! (Even 5 of the same book so you can do a book study--whatever you want!) (Our books are listed on the side bar of this blog!)

All you have to do to win is listed below. We are hoping to reach lots and lots of sweet women with this message. And we thank you for sharing on facebook, twitter, your study groups, support groups, all the places we might gather women for a wonderful study! Thanks for making Angela and I see God's at work amongst all of you wonderful friends! Blessings and blessings!

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