Mentoring Monday: Guess What I Have In Print?


Now, after many requests, we have redesigned 10 Gifts from Kindle to print,  so you can hold it and mark it up!

Several years ago as my son, Joel, was considering where he should go to school for training in composing and music, an older friend suggested, "Put yourself into the best school in which you can get accepted. Place yourself in the presence of the very best musicians, those who will always pull you upward in excellence, and you will find yourself to become a more excellent musician."

His advice was absolutely perfect for Joel. There was only one school in the United States he wanted to attend, and studying there, for Joel's skills have opened doors in many areas because his training was so excellent. He is now scoring and orchestrating music for PBS, for music that is being played all over the world with a well-known composer, movie scores and choral projects. Those who have influenced his education were some of the best in their field.

Similarly, when Joy attended a national competition for acting, singing and performance, she did well and received lots of affirmation. However, a wise judge said, "Joy, you are a big fish in a little pond. If you desire to become really excellent in your field, you need to move to a city where others much more excellent than you will challenge you and bring up the standard of performance which you have found acceptable. Training to excellence and accountability is always the key to growing in your skill and talent."

These two stories have propelled my children to seek to be influenced by people more excellent than themselves and because of this, their growth has been amazing. These stories are a picture of training--Training is defined as: the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction.

Children will become excellent in character because of being instructed in what is true, excellent, right, lovely, pure, and then in becoming proficient in practicing these virtues in their lives to become proficient in them.

A mother's glory is to be able to so imprint the soul of her children, that they become strong morally, emotionally, spiritually and in the skills of life. Yet, training must be intentional, prepared, with very specific goals in mind.

The 10 Gifts of Wisdom came out of my families desire to address what seem to be essential areas of life foundations that will prepare children to become young adults who are strong, stable, spiritual and influential in their sphere of influence. Jesus desires that we send our children into the world as lights in the darkness and as salt--the savory spice of life to those longing for truth, for life to make sense, for forgiveness and redemption.

Yet, as we look at the landscape of culture, it seems that Christians have been powerless to influence it. Many believers are passive and think their job is just to get by without engaging in "corrupt" issues of life--to withdraw from culture. But Jesus says, "I do not pray that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one." He wants there to be such light, beauty, faith, confidence in our children, as we have prepare them to be warriors for His kingdom, that they go into life, ready to make an impact for His kingdom, ready to stay strong, instead of being rendered powerless or ineffectual because of lack of training.

And so, I wrote this book with the idea of giving mamas a clear picture of the goal of instruction. I will be giving away 2 copies this week. To enter, please share about this book on your facebook, twitter, leave a comment, or to your friends in any way you deem (emails, support group, etc.) and you can get an entry for each way you have shared.

I pray that it blesses you and your precious children.

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