Mentoring Monday Laying Foundations for Discipline

Edward Petrovich Hau

Cottage talk is one of our girls' favorite subjects. As they grow toward independence, they often speak of moving into their own places and bilding a haven for themselves and their own families. This includes their taste in architecture, decorating, colors, favorite pieces of art and furniture. To build an atmosphere and to design comfort and beauty and functionality in a home, requires forethought, skill, materials, planning and then a lot of sweat equity.

The same is true of child discipline--or building your home into a place of character building, development of moral character, cultivating faith, teaching manners, modeling mature relationships, slowly building and understanding of love and how to express it and so much more. Each of these facets builds a place that can also reflect beauty, values, personality and excellence.

But the building of any kind of superior, lasting house, spiritual or real, does not happen in the midst of merely reacting to life.  This sort of house must be planned and formed and shaped with wisdom, skill and with diligence.

Today, I speak about building foundations for your own heart and soul so that you will have a grid from which you plan in building the foundations of your own children's lives and hearts.

Now, I know that many people say, "Sally, if it is longer than 4 minutes, no one will listen." So, my feelings are not hurt if you do not want to take the time to listen. I do these blogs in case they help and encourage some of you who so long for encouragement and instruction. It is my heart-felt conviction that God wants me to be an encouragement to moms as I so needed it as a part of how I can serve Him. So, my heart service is for Him  and in hopes that however long or short these videos are, you may not feel alone, but hopefully helped.

I do pray for all of you who read here daily--that you will find God to lift your burden--that you will find friends to meet with to encourage you along this important path and that you will understand how very much your dedication to raising your children for His pleasure and glory will matter for eternity.

And I pray you may have a week filled with the knowledge and awareness of His love for you and for the precious ones who have been trusted into your hands.

Have a lovely week!