Mom Heart Conferences 2010

Mom Heart Conferences are especially designed to encourage, inspire and instruct moms in their strategic call to build a godly inheritance in their homes by learning to love and disciple their children. We have designed a two-day hotel conference and getaway designed especially for Christian mothers, now in its 12th year of ministering to moms. When the cultural ground is shifting, there's no better time to renew your heart for a new start with God. Sally will strenthen and encourage your heart to rise to the task of raising wholehearted children for Christ at home. Julie Hiramine and Sarah Clarkson will share heart-renewing messages, and a special Panel Discussion will discuss the Mom Heart Ministry vision. The conference includes practical workshops, inspirational worship, a seated banquet luncheon, book tables, and more.

Did you know that the Greek word for “renew” means to make something new in the midst of other things? It doesn’t mean to start over, but to keep going, only with a newness of purpose. It means to add newness to what is already there. I can’t imagine a better topic for this year than “You…Renewed!” I know it’s right where I am as mom in ministry, and I believe it’s right where most of you are as mothers in a changing culture. I believe we all need to be renewed by the Spirit for the road ahead.
Since 1998, this has been the WholeHearted Mother Conference. But this year, it is something new…it is now a Mom Heart Conference. This year marks the official start of a new ministry to mothers to encourage them to renew their hearts for biblical motherhood. I’m not starting over in my ministry to moms, but I’m keeping going with a renewed purpose and vision. My beliefs and convictions have not changed, but the culture around me is changing by the day. In the midst of that change, Mom Heart Ministry is a renewed vision of my spirit for helping mothers.

Every day, I hear from precious women all around the world who know the Lord, and are committed to serving him in their homes, but they are weary in the work of being a mother. They have no intention of giving up, but they need something more to keep going. I hear in their voices and words the need for a renewed sense of the Lord’s work in the midst of their lives. If that’s you, I want you to know this year that God wants you to be renewed in him…he wants to do “new things” (Isaiah 42:9) in and through you. He wants “You…Renewed!” in your habits, heart, home, and hope. That’s my message to you this year.

As I wrote my new book, Dancing with My Father, God worked in my heart a renewed understanding of his abundant joy. Everything my heavenly Father has done is so I could dance with joy in his presence. What I learned is a perfect complement to this year’s conference theme because it is about being renewed in that joy. What I share in the book is the ground in which the messages I want to share with you this year are grown. I am so looking forward to being with you and to filling your heart and spirit with the life-renewing truths of God’s word. I am praying that this weekend will be a time when you will be refreshed, restored, and above all else, renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit. I hope you will plan to join me and my friends. You are in my heart!

Sally Clarkson

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