Mom Heart Leadership Intensive--the dream realized!


Mom Heart Intensive Leadership attendees--precious women!

"Train faithful women who will be able to teach others also!"

Clay and I were groomed on the discipleship concept of training those in our ministry to be leaders, by giving them the messages of scripture, giving the intentional training of leading in ministry, speaking well and writing in an excellent way. Naturally, when we prayed about what legacy we wanted to leave in our life-time, we prayed and realized that we wanted to pass on what we knew to others who could teach and train others--as Jesus did with His disciples.

But when I envisioned having a leadership conference to accomplish this, I knew that the training wasn't just to be cognitive--passing on the core of the messages. I also wanted the women who came to my home to understand that Biblical motherhood involved the incarnation of Christ. Delectable meals were to be served on artfully decorated tables. Thoughtful gifts were to show our love and detailed care for each person. Candle-light and music would create an environment of beauty in which hearts could be shared, friendships given and molded. A home environment was essential--with family photos, every genre of books displayed around in every crevice and cranny; art on the walls, color and the creativity of God displayed in each room as a reflection of God himself working through personality. Inspirational speakers would be the guides, all of whom had a passion for Christ. Bathing each moment and each person in prayer was to be the foundation in which the love, training, meals and lectures were to be given! We wanted our leaders to understand that the essence of ministry and passing on of ideals involves every aspect of life, whether to our children or those whom we seek to influence and draw to Christ.

And so Clay and I prayed and planned and God provided the most amazing team of women to join in this venture that we could imagine--cooks for the meals, flower arrangers, administrative geniuses who put the transportation, speakers order, roomates, and correspondence together, van drivers to the airport and back; a perfect hostess and home to share in the meetings, a hospitality coordinator; a greeter and training the children who helped person; a hostess for our international attendee who needed days in America for jet lag and for buying books for her children, and a team of our children to serve at every possible point. These women were angels provided by God Himself.

God answered our prayers abundantly in every way. The precious women who attended had such passionate hearts and a willingness to enter into the very intensive training. Our speakers gave wholeheartedly from their lives and storehouse of convictions. The children who were called upon to serve gave with enthusiam and grace.

 All in all we were so very blessed and pray that these normal, sweet mommies, will be used by God's spirit to turn the world upside down, even as the disciples did, because of their call by God to pass on these Biblical messages by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit as they walk their own story out faithfully right where they are. Here are some pictures of our wonderful memories together! Blessings to you all as you are back home.

I could not figure out how to embed these pictures, but I know you will all enjoy them! Just click on the slideshow and you will see all of our pictures. Would love to hear from you!