Monday morning's ponderings

Never far from my mind: Joel, (Boston) Sarah (Kentucky) Joy (home) Nathan (LA)

Seems that we are already flying through the fall season at breakneck speed. However, we are all surprised here, not that we have had snow, but that we have already had 20 degree weather--pretty chilly. But, it makes for lots of hot drinks, fireplaces, soups, books, movies and games which I will post more about soon. 

I have been out of town parts of the last two weeks. Last week with my sweet, sister-like friend, Gwen, to help celebrate her mom's 94th birthday and to be her friend in the midst of caring for her mom's many issues. More about that soon as I find the Lord always has whispers of Himself in every situation where I open my eyes. 
Then, because it was scheduled months ago, our little history group went to a Swedish Festival near Salina, Kansas and made some great memories with our kids. In the midst, we had 42 women in my home for our monthly Bible study--studying The Mom Walk. How I love these precious women and am blessed by their wonderful hearts. 
I am looking so forward at the end of the week speaking at the Iron Sharpens Iron conference for women in Hartford, CT. I know many of you are going to be there. Then a few days with Joel in Boston and Clay, Joy and I taking a history tour together.
Meanwhile, get registration ready for the Mom's conferences in California, Colorado, Texas and North Carolina. I am so excited about how the conferences have been lining up. I believe that the Lord will really use these conferences this year to help encourage and establish many moms. We will address such things how to fill a mom's heart so that she can be life-giving for a life-time; the best books and best ways to build a life-long reader--by Sarah with her new book; practically speaking, how to really  build a home that cultivates life, beauty, excellence and spirituality; cultivating a heart of Joy; with guest speakers at different conferences speaking about building a foundation of morality and purity; (Julie Hiramine)  and Elizabeth Smith speaking in Dallas on prayer. We will have a great time together. For a very short while, Clay will have a very discounted pre-registration opportunity for those of you who want to register early. I will again offer some wonderful give-aways for those of you who advertise on your blogs and in your groups--more about that after next week when we get home. You can go here to find out information by Thursday morning to find out about the conferences. 
I have a sweet, very talented and passionate friend who really ministers to lots of women on her thoughtful blog. Her name is Sarah Mae and she is the founder of
I think you will find many of her articles very spiritually stimulating and I love her heart for the Lord, marriage and her children. She posted an interview she had done with me today  and will post the second half tomorrow. We covered topics all the way from babies, marriage, homeschooling and life and I thought some of you might enjoy it.
I have had a joyful heart this week as I celebrated fun times with family and friends and seeing that my older children have really been seeing God's grace in Boston, LA and in Kentucky. I am working with Clay on a new book and have another book slowly coming together in moments caught here and there. I do ask forgiveness for being so bad about answering letters. They mean so much to me, but just can't seem to get to my correspondence as much as I would like when I am in the midst of life, family, ministry, children and friends. 
 I have also had a heavy heart for some very precious friends experiencing some deep waters. I would appreciate your prayers for them.
This week, a sweet friend's husband fell on the ice while holding his three year old and the fall made a crack in his skull with slight bleeding in his brain; another precious friend from our Bible study has a husband going through Chemo for cancer this week; another sweet mom has lived through a hysterectomy, Sweet Tracy and Chris Klicka have been in town as he spent his last days in a friend's home until going to be with the Lord today; and finding that several in my life are in the midst of grave marital problems. Wishing to be able to be with all these precious ones, but having those limits of time and body that keep all of us wishing for more time. Then learning, yet again, that each moment and each day is so very precious. 
How very grateful I am that He is with each of us, every day, every place. I love Psalm 139:12 "Even the darkness is not dark to you, and the night is as bright as the day." and in an earlier verse, "even there your hand will lead me and your right hand will lay hold of me." In darkness and in light, he is our loving Father, ready to love us, meet with us, teach us. May His presence be real to each of you today. 
Grace and peace to all of you today.