My Christmas Present to You!

The little girl part of my heart often gets the better of me! I just love presents and surprises. And so a couple of weeks ago, when I was sitting in my cozy chair, thinking about how blessed I was to have to many wonderful people in my life--like you--I thought how fun it would be to give away a tiny gift this season.

When I think of all of the wonderful friends I have met through these years of ministry, wonderful women at conferences, hundreds of letters, countless emails and comments, I am quite blessed and overwhelmed to have heard from and known so many of you!

So, the past couple of weeks, in between the busyness of life, I have edited a little e-booklet to give away to all of my followers of itakejoy and

It is my Christmas present to you!

It is such a blessing for me to hear from so many of you, to read your comments and get your letters! I always wish I could answer them and tell you how much you mean to me and to the Lord.

So, instead, I wanted to give you a little gift from my heart to yours. This little book has 11 devotional readings from ponderings I have had about how to understand joy and to hold fast to the faith  that gives us the strength to walk the days of our lives with joy and hope.

I hope you will enjoy it and tell all of your friends that they can download it, too.

And most of all, may He encourage your heart and bless you and your sweet ones this  Christmas season and fill your heart with a renewed sense of His love and joy!

(If I understand the way this works, you can just look in your inbox for the itakejoy article or subscribe by entering your email in the box in the sidebar and the book will come to your email where you may download it. I hope you enjoy it! And be sure to tell your friends!)

You will receive the eBooklet in tomorrow mornings email article from me, as long as you're subscribed to! :)

(So sorry for the wait, this is how the delivery service for the free eBook works - it's all new to me, too!)

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