The interchange of talent between two genius's

After having fun with my mom, I flew home to yet another reunion--Joel is home from Berklee in Boston for 10 days before going back to school. (His amazing story will follow later this week when I have time to write it!)

 I keep wanting to kiss him and hold on to his arm and eat him up--so great to have him home!)

Sunday included church, a wonderful brunch out with Sarah, Joel, Joy, Clay and me (We missed you, Nathan!) and then a really fun afternoon. Started out with Clay playing us 4 of his new songs which we all think he should record. Next was Joy keeping us in stitches with funny poems she had written about life, food, mission trips and friends (she is a real wit!) 

Next, Joel showed us his new songs which have resulted from lots of new input in his classes--amazing what a few focussed months can do when you have good instruction! Finally, after we had my favorite, Italian Cream Cake, we all scattered. Then I began to hear music coming up the stairs--  for almost an hour, Joel played on the piano and accompanied Joy as they performed, together, a multitude of songs from Broadway to contemporary. The Lord has given Joy a strong voice--but it was especially fun to see the two together,  as they are 9 years apart--Joy 13, (almost 14) and Joel, 22, enjoying each other and seriously giving themselves to the music they both love. 

Maybe I never believed this great fellowship would happen between all of my diverse, different sex and different aged children--but it all came about from hundreds of Sunday afternoons just like this, of eating together, celebrating life and spending our time together. 

Now, I am off editing and rewriting, and snowed under with 3 kids birthdays to celebrate, Nate coming home Saturday to work here all summer, Sarah flying to Nashville, Clay going to Texas to help his mom and Joel going back to Boston--all in the period of a week. There is still so much work at home--but now the rewards are so evident and I have in my home my closest friends.