My favorite things...

Just a short list of thoughts as I am away in a hotel room by myself trying to finish my book by Monday! Got Joel and Sarah off today to Boston-(Sarah wanted an adventure and to help Joel settle in--they are grand friends and have so much fun traveling, listening to books on tape, singing to favorite music, stopping at Starbucks and talking and talking--wish I were with them!) I get a little lonely when I have to sequester myself to write as I do love home and my family. 

So, I brought some of my favorite things with me to keep my spirit buoyed--a rose table covering and vanilla candles; Yorkshire gold tea and a china tea cup--(keeps it hotter.); my favorite lap throw with flowers--I hate to be cold and it is snowing today; celtic music; Pride and Prejudice soundtrack; Mrs. Potter soundtrack; and Ladies in Lavender soundtrack; Joshua Bales on violin on a concerto; and of course Joel on his new album; also love walks in the mountains and cool cloudy days; the color blue and also rose; sweet friends who love me and care about me--I need them so much with not so much family in my life; my children are some of those  best friends as well as a few special buddies who love me no matter what; great books and stories--Eugene Peterson's new book; Victoria Magazine; salad with lots of vege's and avocado and walnuts and always onions; a hot bath that covers my whole body--I love baths; traveling to new places and old favorites (Vienna; Asheville; Prince Edward Island; across country with my kids in a car) chocolate--especially any chocolate with nuts; and especially Lindt--the dark one with the blue foil wrapper; talking with Nate (or Sarah, and Joel)  to see how New York and the other far places in the world) is doing; and encouraging letters or emails from friends; studying the Word and being with my precious Jesus and pondering Him!

Must go back to writing now. Have a great weekend. Congrats to the moms in Ca and North Carolina who won the coupons for books. Still time to advertise and be signed up for the last drawing, February 1! Remember that Clay has extended the deadline in California and Charlotte until midnight on Sunday night so more moms can get in to the conferences on the lower price. We have to set a deadline cause we have to order meals and have notebooks printed and get favors in time--so be sure to sign up if you are coming as it makes it so much better for our office! Fun to know of women coming from Quebec and Spain and from all over. Praying for all of you. Be sure you know that in California, there is a direct shuttle to the hotel from Orange County airport--not LAX!

Also, Mom Heart Vision training will be at each conference as a separate meeting at 9:30 a.m.  in Charlotte, Irvine and at Dallas/Ft.Worth--my friend, Sandra Maddox and I will be laying out the vision and look forward to visiting with all of you who can come to this meeting and to help you start small groups and give you special encouragement. If you want to come to this, please register at wholeheart so we can plan on how many materials we need to print--also, the hotels require us to have refreshments or to rent the rooms, so a donation of $10 would be appreciated if you can. This meeting is for all who want to find out about Mom Heart Ministry and who might want to help with this-and it is a separate meeting before the mom's conference will start. I am so excited. We hope it will all be of great encouragement to moms all over the world!

Now, please pray I will finish my book with great thoughts from the Lord. Wishing you all peace this weekend.