My Two Benedictions and a Giveaway of Great Music!

Joy and Joel-Trees Todays post from Sweetness of my heart, Joy!

Clarkson family reunions consist of plentiful feasts, long, passionate, and laughter peppered conversations, and periodic bursting into song. You probably think that I'm exaggerating or kidding; I'm not.

With each trip home from college, I grew to cherish my times home more. And there was always one treat I particularly enjoyed with my older brother (and fellow "J" named brother) Joel: jam sessions!

It started with our favorite old songs, plucking and plunking away to old musical loves like James Taylor and John Denver. Sometimes it was our latest favorite from the radio, but played with a jazzy twist or slowing it down to acoustics and harmony.

A candid picture of us jamming many moons ago. For the record this is not a very convenient way to sing.

We did it for the delight of it. I have always thought that simply doing something beautiful  brings glory to God. He gave us this gift of music, and what better way to worship Him is there than to delight in the gift he has given. So we did delight in it! We hummed, and adapted songs, harmonized in the kitchen (to the chagrin of some), and even occasionally shared on Youtube.

One day, on the long drive back from California, we had an idea. Joel had come out to help me and my roommate make the long trek back to Colorado with a car packed to the hilt. As we drove along, the dark Arizona and New Mexiso roads making the stars sing out, we began to show each other old songs we had both written. As we told stories and explained lyrics, the obvious came to us: we should record some of our songs!

As you can see, our album was built on a strong foundation of books... as our lives hopefully are as well.

For posterity! For graduate school tuition! For delight!

So we made it our summer project. We delved into a decade of songs we had both written, and even wrote some songs together. As we whittled away which songs we would record, an EP with themes of love, the frailty of relationships, and our need for grace began to come together. We call ourselves "Two Benedictions" because we hope that the songs we sing can be blessings. It was a great experience for me to see Joel working with the orchestration (which he did like a PRO, if I can brag on him). I began to see him not only as a sibling, but as a professional; and he is great at his trade!

Our last day recording! We were a bumble with excitement.

And so it is done! We have recorded our EP.

We call it "Sun of Man" based on title and last track on the album. It is a song about delight and beauty and our need to return to God's grace again and again. We all need that. I know I do.

So we hope you like it and that it brings a little bit of beauty, delight, grace, and love into your life. We hope our songs of delight seem to you a Benediction!

And here's a clip from one of the story songs on the EP

[playlist ids="42089"]

Blessings, Joy and Joel


You can purchase the album HERE at cd baby. Hope you enjoy.

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