Never, never a dull moment!

What a wonderful time we had in Dallas this weekend. Since it was the first place we held our conferences, it is a homecoming of sorts to our family. It is so fun, too, because we have friends who travel with us from here to help, as well as board members who fly in to help and we have so much fun catching up and making new memories that all of us have great fellowship--even if we are a bit tired. I have developed a theory that God gives speaker/writer types an adventurous life so that they will always have new chapters to write or stories to tell to show His truth and greatness. But, sometimes I don't know what it all means and just live through it. After our conference in Charlotte, I had to stop by a gas station on the way home from the airport to go to the Lady's room. In it, I found a sweet, lost little pregnant girl sitting on the floor of the bathroom with no money and no one to help her and so we picker her up and had to take her eventually to the police and find a safe place for her as she was on the amber alert. It made us three hours later getting home. It is a long story and it made me even more committed to trying to reach parents because all of her problems could be traced to her being abandoned as a baby by her teen pregnant mom and all the ensuing being tossed from here to there in her life time. More on that someday later. 

Then, when we flew home from California, we arrived at the airport about midnight. Clay was driving and noticed that the car in front of him was weaving from side to side. He commented, "I bet that guy is drunk and I bet he is going to have a wreck." Just after he said this, the car tried to take a turn to the left in front of us and he missed it and turned horizontally into a deep ditch. So, once again, Clay stopped to get out and help the guys who were in the car to be sure no one was hurt.

Then, I commented to the girls last night before we got off our plane, "Let's see if we can just go home from the airport--no more adventures tonight!" (Clay was driving the car and books and stuff home from Texas--the girls were flying!) Finally we got to our car and it was the dark of night and I jumped in the passenger side as Sarah started the car to drive off with Joy in the back and the car started going, "Ker plunk, ker plunk, ker plunk." Oh, mom, I think we have a flat tire!" was the comment of dear Sarah. Sure enough, our front left tire was all the way flat. So, once again, we were delayed in getting home. Now it makes me suspicious what Joy and I will find when we get back from Baltimore next Saturday night-------!!!!!!!

This morning, the first thing, I had to take my computer in to the Mac store as it totally blacked out. The words I heard were, "I think it might be the hard drive." So, I am praying I can get all my info off and hoping for a rather eventless rest of the week. But I am blessed and happy to be home. More soon! (Pray I can get my books and articles and addresses off my computer, please. I need an angel-mac person to preform a miracle!)


PS Just found out that is is my hard drive and the Mac store can't open it. Might have to turn it into a hard drive retrieval place in California. Does anyone out there know of a better way or group or person who could help get my info back from my Mac? Thanks ahead of time.