New York, New York!

Good Sunday morning. I am awakening in Montreal this morning and getting ready to go to the airport where I will  fly to NYCity to meet Clay and Nathan  (who flew there on an overnight plane!)  What a great group of women I met here and spent two days with--great hearts and great fellowship. But now I am on my way to the big apple. I have mixed feelings about Nathan moving. Joy told me on the phone he was wrestling with our sweet golden retriever and hugging her a lot yesterday, so I know that it is Nate's way of trying to get as much of home and as much of love into his heart as he can before he leaves! He is so ready to hit the world and to try his wings, but I will miss him--drums and all! Joel left Thursday for Nashville and we had the whole Clarkson gang in our ritual of sending someone off--the early in the morning goodbye with all of us in our pajamas out on the driveway, praying, kissing, hugging and waving. And now Nate. Joel  is already busy with friends and loves being in his new little house with roomates. He even served at a private dinner party on Saturday night (last night)  and earned 75 dollars, so he is off to a good start and feeling oh so good about life. (Mom, there is even a recliner in my room!--oh the good little things of life that bring joy!)

I will be in New York for  8 days. Please pray for us and for him as we settle him in. Pray God will give Nate a godly friend and that he will even be able to find a job and that God will give him favor with the agents and contacts he has. Pray that I will be a good mommy and send him off with grace! (Don't know that in New York we can stand outside doing the Clarkson ritual!)

I am also going to spend 2 days with my sweet Clay--finally getting a little trip in to celebrate our 25th anniversary--a couple of years late! Life just hasn't allowed it, but I am so excited to be with him alone for a couple of days celebrating our 27th! He has some surprises and I know one or two Broadway shows will be contained in this week, a nice dinner somewhere and lots of time to remember and ponder the years. (The last week we came to NYC to celebrate our twentieth was 9/11 so we are hoping to have a much calmer week!) The girls will be holding down the fort and having a glorious time alone with lots of plans of resting doing girl things.

I will probably not be writing this week, but somehow needed to know that I would have the prayers of friends coming my way during this week. Oh, the flurry of emotions, but God is good so I am in good hands and off to lug my bags to the airport one more time. Au revoir!