No one can be holy for you

It is in the secret places of your life, the times when you are alone in your bedroom, that holiness is determined. You have to be the one who decides priorities, commitments, faith. God is with you in that place, as we read in Psalm 139, even the darkness is not dark to him but the night is as bright as the day. But if we say we want to worship Him and serve Him all the days of our lives, then when our heart is tempted to doubt, and we choose faith, He sees. When we choose to seek Him every day and arrange our lives so that we can hear from Him and read His word, He sees. No one else really knows our personal integrity, but God who sees in secret, will see and will reward.

It is a lifetime of taking one holy step at a time, day by day, moment by moment, choice by choice, that gives one a "set apart" life. It is the secret life, not the public life, that creates this eternal service of worship. Yet, after years of such holy choosing, the spirit of Christ reflects more and more so that all who come to the soul of one so committed will be fed  and such a soul will naturally produce what it has been sowing and it will ultimately give and pour out Him.