Not exactly picture perfect, but still good

This is my family--as Joy says, "We're special." but not picture perfect..........

Not Exactly the Picture Perfect Family

Is anyone tired yet? I am tired but mostly, blissfully so. (Only a few teary, over-whelmed moments--but then isn't that a part of the tension of family life and then trusting the Lord?) Sarah, my 27 year old daughter, is home now for 2 weeks, before she goes to Oxford in England.  She is filled to the brim with newly espoused ideals and thoughts. Joy, 16,  is in Sense and Sensibility for 12 performances this season, which means late nights and an exhausted body and lots of running around. Joel, 25, is home and Nate comes very soon.  Food will be a constant--with one boy at 6’3 and the other 6’5”, it takes a whole lot of groceries and cooking to fill them up--which also means more dishes...........arrggghhhh!

I feel a little bit like I am riding  a wild stallion and holding on for dear life, at times. Joel, my 25 year old,  once jokingly said, "You know our family is like one of those loud Jewish intellectual families  like in Fiddler on the Roof who had an opinion on everything and has to discuss everything from the mundane to the sublime. Or maybe it is a fiery Irish family with abundance of spunk or a rousing, dancing Greek family, or Italians eating feasts chattering and, Oh, well, Mom, you get the picture!"  It wears me out just to contemplate it--but I did know what he meant--there is not much quiet or calm about us when we are all together!

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I do wish you peace of heart in the middle of the life called "a family."