Now I know why I am not depressed! It's my coffee

Now I know why I am not depressed........

Since my early days in my 20's, when I fell in love with Austrian cappuccino's, I knew that it had to be somehow healthy for me. After all, I gleaned so much pleasure from my civilized cup of velvet coffee. Surely anything that came from a plant must be somehow organic and God made it good for my body.

Finally, I found an article that said that coffee kept women from having gall stones. Well, that was enough for me. At least 2 cups a day was the cure, and heaven knows I do not want gall stones.

How happy I was to read this most recent article that said that women who drink coffee are much less likely to be depressed. Well, maybe that is one of the underlying reasons I started a blog called itakejoy--it was helped by my predisposition to be positive because I drank coffee every day! Well, what do you know!

I like mine, at home, with just a dash of vanilla and natural sugar. What is your favorite?

Here's the rest of the story:

Let me hear your opinion! And go have a nice cup of ......................?