Now it is my story

Sarah, my oldest daughter, in her costume for the dramatical Easter production, The Thorne.

Memories bubble up tonight as I remember so many Easters that swelled the heart of Jesus's story again in my own thoughts and emotions--in Poland as a young missionary, marching around the ancient church 3 times and ringing bells; as a first time pregnant mom, waiting, waiting for my baby to come; in Vienna, the early days of our marriage while holding our babes in church and praying they would be silent during the church celebration.

But now, I see this most wonderful of days, the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, the final declaration that for all time, Satan was defeated and we have the right to enter into the holy of holies,

and I am seeing it through the eyes and heart of my own children as they deeply embrace all that His story means to them.

Because I could not do better, I give you my sweet Sarah's thoughts, after all it is her story......

This is my story..........

The Lord is risen, he is risen indeed. May your hearts be full of joy and praise as you celebrate Easter with your precious ones.

Blessings and blessings to each of you.