On my way

Joel, graduating from Berklee School of Music, summa cum laude

On my way to Boston this morning to celebrate Joel's graduation. What a fun family celebration--just to all be together, chatting, eating, watching all the festivities. How sweet to taste the finish line in some areas of my life.

Never in one year of homeschooling did I finish all that I had set out to do. We moved 17 times, (6 times internationally); I had asthma, ear-infected children who were sinful, wanted to eat every day, and wear reasonably clean clothes.

Yet, it was the foundations that mattered--the day in day out devotions, chores, reading at least an hour a day outloud.

Joel wrote a very sweet dedication in his concert program to Clay and me.

"I want to thank my parents for building a wide scope of education, training, influence, strong relationships and a love for knowledge. It is because my soul is rich and deep and cultivated by their hands that I have achieved excellence in any way. Thank you for investing in me so personally to give me the foundations upon which to build my soul and to expand my mind and heart."

So today, know that it is the diligent hands, heart, words and works of mothers who will cultivate greatness in the hearts of normal children. May God bless you today to develop a wide vision and to have the integrity to be faithful in building great foundations.

How very grateful I am to see the grace of God having worked in our midst and to take the work of our hands and bring it to fruition. May all the glory be His.