On this lovely May morning, I am.......

Early this morning, I sat on my front porch and took in the Colorado breeze, the sparkling aspens "shimmering", the geraniums, roses, and quiet--the cherished quiet.

I read from

Celtic Daily prayer--3 scriptures---Psalm, Old Testament and New Testament

My Bible--New American Standard, my beloved version

Daily Light Readings for morning and evenings

Wendall Berry's Life is a Miracle

Drinking Yorkshire Gold Tea, munching homemade toast with blackberry jam, and nibbling strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and nuts

Baking 5 more loaves of bread, after baking 6 yesterday--butter tops bubbling!

Preparing for a speaking trip to New Brunswick, leaving early tomorrow morning. (How I love my Canadian friends, and I love sharing memories and time together. I am looking so forward to this trip.)

Buying groceries and baking and freezing food for the 11 of us who will be sequestered in our home for a week for the national speech and debate finals. That's what all the bread is about! I get home Sunday morning and they all come Sunday afternoon. I am looking so forward to this tournament. Speech tournaments are so exciting and so much fun, running around, seeing all the finalists, living in the familiar relationships with friends. Alex, a childhood friend and debater will give us lots of fun as he stays with us and judges lots of rounds. Methinks midnight will be the standard for going to sleep each night, even though all will need to be at the tourney by 8!

Joel, Sarah, Clay and I will be judges and cheerleaders.

Taking my car in for a fix on a tire puncture.

washing clothes and dishes, one more time,

Finishing the financial package for college with Joy this morning.

Getting excited for Nathan coming home in June,  and making arrangements for a flight.

Checking into my flight and thinking of the fun talks I will have with my sweet friend Kristen on the 3 hour drive Friday to the hotel.

Trying to finagle a tea time with Joy before I go tomorrow and gathering the others for a quick deck dinner tonight.

So far, I am enjoying my day and thankful for the fulness God has given me. This is a season where He is opening my eyes, once again, to His faithfulness and my heart continues to restore and renew. A season of spring, for sure.

So what are you doing today?