Our God is out of the box.......


Austrian pastry and chocolate----yummmmmmmm!

"Mom, I am so glad our God is out of the box!"

"What do you mean, honey?"

"Well, some moms seem like they are always sad and ready to say no and that God is a law to be obeyed and a rule to be kept."

"But, our God is out of the box--we can't even contain Him--he made chile peppers to spice up Mexican food, puppies for cuddling and laughing at, chocolate to melt in your mouth, stars to camp under and shiver in the cold mountain air together, Celtic music to dance to, you know; feasting and talking around our table--sharing great stories by firelight---all the things that make us happy and give scope to our lives. Those things that give us hope in the hard times."

"That's what I mean--he is out of the box, unpredictable and created a lot of stuff and color just to give us joy.That's the only kind of God I would want to worship!"

"I think those kids who grow up in a "rules" home but don't have much fun,  won't want to follow a God like that."

This, a famous conversation with one of my children when we were brewing a cup of tea in the kitchen--and it was a boy! :)

And so, this graduation weekend, for my sweet Joy, we are feasting, celebrating with friends, and pouring words of love and beauty into her life, and enjoying all the beautiful things God made for us to enjoy--before we send her out in the world to live her story for the Lord.

Our God is indeed out of the box--and by the way, calories can't even be measured or felt  on feast days, when we celebrate life--they all disappear!

That's the only kind of God I would want to worship!"

By the way, Happy Birthday, Rachael!