Our life would be easier if.........

If we weren't Christians. If we didn't have such strong ideals and felt the need to live by them and talk about then all the time.

If we weren't  mentally ill.

If our internet connection would work!

If we didn't have to worry about money or dirty dishes!

~anonymous older Clarkson child

There is no end to issues or problems---or dirty dishes in our house. All the kids are home, including the very big ones--and they all want to eat all the time. 

Often I awaken with the burdens of life on my heart and the sadnesses of friends and the duties of life. However, a few years ago, I realized that I didn't want to end up sad and depressed and weary. Of course most of you who have followed this blog for a while know that is why I started this I take joy blog. I realized that if it is true that you reap what you sow, I wanted to sow joy--I wanted to reap joy.

Recently I just finished writing my book on joy which will be out in  a few months. But I did learn so very much about Biblical joy. It is possible. God is a God of joy and the fruit of His spirit is joy. But I also learned that most of Biblical joy is not the absence of suffering, but the presence of God--the focus on eternity, the celebrating of life, and the living in the unconditional love and intimacy of our precious Lord. 

Yet is it so easily obscured in the midst of the busy-ness of life. So, today, in the midst of making the last 5 favorite meals for Nate and Joel-since they are both home together with the girls for 5 days, and trying to get every talk in and every tradition celebrated, and trying my hardest to not blow my stack in the midst of all the goings ons (did I mention I have a fully fledged, sweet teen girl in the midst of all the issues in the midst of all the other issues of all my others! :) But today the Lord is with me and in my midst and I am loving Him in the midst of all the moments of a busy home-and He is loving me.

So, think about this today and let it sink in, and then make a heart-felt commitment to follow this type of life-giving, heart celebrating  of life--what you sow--what choices you make every moment really do have consequences! How you choose to see God--good or suspect--how you think you will reach your children--with love and life-giving words or with anger--it all has consequences. (I am writing this so my heart and soul will be reminded of how to behave and how to think rightly in the midst of my own whirlwinds!)

"Sing as if no one is listening

Dance as if no one is watching

Love as you've never loved before

live as if heaven is here on earth."

Dr. William W. Perky

My addition--celebrate this day, this moment with your children and love and kiss them on the head as though you may never have another day to do it! Peace and grace!