Packing for a Journey

I'm going to college in roughly a month and a half. I don't think it's entirely hit me yet, but every once and while I'll wake up and look out my familiar window and get hit with a wave of excitement for what is to come. There are faces I've never seen, waiting to met! Roads I've never walked, waiting to be tread. Thoughts I've never thought, books I've never read, sunrises I haven't seen… Life is waiting just around the corner to be lived. The anticipation of it all fills me close to bursting. But, of course, on the flip side of that, I realize that I'm leaving this lovely place I've always called home. I'm leaving familiarity and friends and family, and all the things I hold most dear in all the world. So while I have this itch for adventure, I am also filled with this desperate feeling of "oh my goodness! I need to enjoy the bejeebies out of every moment! The end is fast approaching!!!". I feel like lately I run around in a panicked state of frenzy, seeking to get my fill of home and friends. It's really quite exhausting.

The other morning I was sitting on the front porch, my legs plopped up on the railing, mug of tea in my hand, bewailing my many woes to the Lord. How do I decided what to do and make the best of my time? Lord, I'll miss everyone! But at the same time.. I'm itching to start my adventure!

After a few minutes of that, I decided to read my Celtic Daily Prayer, as is my tradition. It was the first day of the month, and so a new theme began with the month:… Journeys. I smiled as saw the title page. I suppose God was listening to my prayers.

"Wherever He may guide me,

no want shall turn me back;

My shephard is beside me,

and nothing can I lack.

His wisdom ever waketh,

His sight is never dim,

He knows the way He taketh,

And I will walk with Him."

Anna L Waring

This is a grand adventure, life. And whether it be going to college, having a baby, getting married, getting a new job, or any other of the many events we encounter in life, something we can be sure about, is that it is indeed a journey. And one God is guiding us on, ever so carefully. As I contemplated this new journey ahead of me, an inspiration came to me. What do you do when you're about to go on a journey? You pack for it! You take into account everything you'll need to survive and thrive, you gather it on your bed, and you pack it in your bag. Of course, as I go off to college, I will pack my real bags with all the college life necessities, but I realized that there's something else I ought to be packing. I ought to be packing up my soul for its trip. Packing it with friends, family, rest, good (non cafeteria) food, books I want to read, thoughts I want to think.

So, dear reader, I will leave you with this; what is your journey? What are you packing? What are you intentionally filling your soul with?

Now I am off to drink tea and fill my soul with a good book.

May the road rise to meet you!

May you pack the bags of your soul well!

All for now,