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My two bf's who also keep me inspired. They challenge me and teach me now and will both be studying in Oxford this year.

Last days with my sweet children are always a little melancholy. This summer just passed too quickly. We all worked a lot--book deadlines, classes, out of town company, music, mutual projects. It was a serious summer and did not have much leisure in it.

Sarah and I decided to have one last snatch of coffee before she left for the Denver airport at our favorite cafe  just down the street from our home. Chatter about this and that and how much we would miss each other, as well as, "I wishes." I wish we had more time, I wish I lived closer, I wish it wasn't so expensive to go to Oxford, I wish I didn't have to work so much....."

But then, we entered some talk about legacy and messages that were building and stewardship of life, and Sarah seemed to straighten and her eyes began to flash. Convictions, thoughts, new passion for writing and being responsible to bring light to the secular patterns of life poured out of her soul. Little by little, the "I wishes" were gone. I knew that God had called her to Oxford to study because God has given my sweet girl a calling to become a message maker in her time--to write well of truth and issues that might bring His glory though ideas and teach people how to think.

And now, Joy, is moving in readiness over the next weeks, to make her move to Oxford to get her Masters. Why Oxford? Because English is still the most common language in the world, it is still the vehicle in which profound truths can be taken to almost every country. And Oxford is an important place to learn to strain to become the best writer.

I believe God has called these two to be writers, communicators of all the messages we hold dear, to pen the ideals our family has lived and practiced. And so, I gladly give them up and am so excited to see how God will use them. Sending them to Oxford means our whole family has to take more jobs, work harder, save money, give up some luxuries to make it possible.

But when God places a call on your life and you take Him at His word, you are willing to work hard to achieve His will for His glory.

Oddly, both girls penned some of their thoughts about a very important issue and neither consulted each other as they are thousands of miles separated in space, but connected by the same whispers of the Holy Spirit. This is what Joy wrote today--


Please take time to read it and you will feel more noble about your calling as a mother.

HERE is what Sarah just posted, and she tells about her memory of being in the room when  Joy was born as an 11 year old little girl. They both wanted to enter the fray of "Truth Telling" and make a difference in how their generation is thinking. I know it will greatly encourage you to grow strong in your own convictions.


Gustov Klimt in Austria

This is why I give them to God's calling with all of my blessing--to see them work and strain and move towards becoming the best writers and communicators they can be within the doors God has opened.

What about you? What are you doing to Own Your Calling? How has God asked you to work hard? What might you do to live into the ways He wants you to love?

I have received so many letters, emails, messages from you about wanting to move and grow into Owning Your Life. That is why I will be doing a 2 hour webinar next Thursday and why we have worked hard to put together a study guide/planner. It is on the way to being published. And I hope many of you can join me

  Own Your Life Webinar on August 13th! Mark Your Calendars, Invite Your Friends!

(I will open registration as soon as we get the final photo or the planner and Bible Study Guide for our new Own Your Life Planner--stay tuned.

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