Photos tell the story......

Pre-conference Fun




Yummmm.....Sandra's pre-conf feast!IMG_5075

Time with my favorite peeps--our yearly beach walk.

Mom Heart Conference


Hello from the Mom Heart Conference in Irvine, California. I always enjoy being with these lovely women and leave feeling refreshed. My favorite part of the conference is encouraging  leader’s to be the best they can be.


Sally Clarkson recently released her newest book, Own Your Life. As such, the conference is focused on owning your life- living a legacy of faith.


With Valentine’s Day on the way, the decorations are absolutely darling! Placing red or pink heart shaped doilies on a simple table cloth is any easy way to decorate your table for a larger gathering.


It is beautiful to see all of these mamas make connections and get encouragement throughout the weekend.




An after coffee, falling apart, sharing space and love and having fun with my one of my most precious bf's.

If you are hungry for more, I encourage you to consider readingOwn Your Life. You could even gather a small group of mamas and read it together. This is a wonderful way to establish new connections and find likeminded friends.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.16.46 PM

I would love to see some of you February 6-7 at the Mom Heart Conference in Dallas.

Thanks, Sandra Maddox. So thankful we have walked this road together for many years.