Pray and see what God does! You tube!

Thanks for everyone who has sent emails or commented or who is praying. I will do the  24 Family Ways giveaway later on Monday, but until then, please let me hear from you and let's join in prayer together. As I mentioned earlier in the summer, I was on a quest to refresh my soul this summer, as I am constantly giving out. One of my friends suggested I read Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. I so enjoyed this book and it began a desire in my heart to call out women to begin prayer chains, groups, pray with their children, pray in families, pray in groups.

Seems we have seen a lot of impotence in the lives of believers. We have allowed immorality to take over, we have not sought God or lived Holy lives. I know that many go to church and many give sacrificially. But so many wonderful women in my life seem to feel discouraged, overwhelmed and burdened. I know it is a fallen world and we will have lots of difficulty as this is the fallen place.

But I believe God wants to do a great work in our time. I have seen that when people pray and read the word and worship intentionally, the Holy Spirit seems to sweep across the lands and brings about major revival.

What if we could see amazing things happen all over the world because of a wave of women joining to hold fast in prayer, engaging their hearts in God's word, and stepping out boldly in faith. I have seen the Lord do so much more in my lifetime than I would ever have thought possible. He is looking to strongly support that heart that is enthusiastically responding to His word and love in the private, unseen room in their home or apartment. Right where you are, where no one else can see, God can see you and is committed to responding to your faith and love for Him.

God wants to respond and He wants to bless. He delights in doing supernatural works through normal people like you and me--the little boy with the fish and loaves; David and the giant; Joshua and the trumpets; Gideon against the Mideonites and so many more stories. I really want to be one of those who said, "In my lifetime, use me Lord to bring as many thousands as you would allow, to commit their lives to you, to love you, to live boldly for your kingdom. Please fan the flames in my children's lives to live boldly for you, that they may be your warriors for your kingdom in this time of history. Let them be faithful until they see you face to face.

Will you join me in praying and asking God to pour out His spirit and grace. And then will you boldly step out in faith, right where you are--to share with others, to be God's hands and voice and love to those He brings your way?

Lets have big hearts for a wonderful God and bring His light and life and kingdom to bear on our lives and in the lives of others. May He bless you today.