Progressive dinners that provide history

Every year for the past 5 years, our little history group, (2 other dear families and us) get together once a month for dinner, because we love and need each other. Our family doesn't have a lot of contact with our greater family because of distance or awkwardness, so we are blessed to have friends who act as surrogate family. Some of them live far away,  some live near. But really, so many of you have helped our family feel loved and cared for during this challenging year and I thank God for you.

Every Christmas, we have a progressive dinner--first appetizers at one home, then main meal at another home, and finally desert at the third home. We all take turns every year as to what we will have at our house.

All of our the older children of all of the families who live far away, try to come into town so we can all do this before Christmas. Gifts are given to most everyone--most little, but always the way we end the night--gifts, singing carols and having fun. We are all so loud and "talky" and close that it is a cherished time.

Yesterday in the kitchen, our kids said, "We haven't had the opportunity to be real close to real family, but God has really blessed us over the years with friends who make us feel like we have family and then they started naming all of the people who have loved us and adopted us. I am very grateful and thanking God for them--how they have all helped us through this year. I couldn't have made it through some of the obstacles of this year without sweet friends who have been so generous to love us.

Thanks for those who have extended love so generously to us this year. We are so very grateful.

Be blessed in His love today.