Putting a close to a surprisingly good day

Snow, slush, ice and 18 degrees greeted me as I crawled out of bed at 5:57 this morning. Familiar reluctance filled my heart. Why does is seem it always snows the day we have to be somewhere early when the highways are questionable and dangerous and too crowded? Oh, now I remember why I always want to move south for the winter--like the smart birds.

This was the morning Joy was to take her SAT's downtown Colorado Springs. What would normally be a 25-30 minute drive would now be almost an hour. Was it really ok to send my baby, my 16 year old little girl out on such questionable highways by herself with just one year of driving experience?

And so I quickly piled up with layers and jumped in my car to follow her to be sure she could make it out. And so, after trucks drove too fast, cars pushed us to drive faster than I felt was comfortable, with a truck pushing Joy's car and staying within 5 feet to let her know he was there--with me watching from behind, she made it and walked into the high school administering the test, literally the minute they were starting.

Adrenalin up from gripping the wheel, I tried to relax (South Colorado Springs didn't even have snow on the highway or main roads--we are just lucky in Monument and always get tons more snow because we are 2000 feet higher!)

Next, I was going to meet a young man that we had sort of adopted into our family 18 years ago in Texas. He has married and was now a father and we were going to catch up. Huevos Rancheros at a natural cafe in Manitou Springs warmed my tummy. I think it must have been 8 cups of coffee that we visited. So sweet to see how much the Lord has worked in the life of someone you have loved and watch grow up--so the day was already sparkling a bit more than it had begun.

Hilde, at Heritage Lace Shop, 2530 W. Colorado Ave-- everything blue on this shelf--my favorite!

Someone at my Bible study in my home last week had accidentally left a flyer in my living room about a Christmas buffet of samples at a small shop in Old Colorado City near Manitou Springs where I had breakfast. And so I searched for the shop and parked my car and went into a lovely, treasure-filled gift shop. Tea cups and tea pots, lace, crystal, table cloths, lovely feminine clothing, quilts, centerpieces--all sorts of European looking wares that I had grown to love when I was a missionary. A charming woman met me at the door and asked me if I needed some help. I immediately detected a beloved German accent, which I always listen for since my days as a missionary in Austria. We struck up a conversation and I got to hear her adventurous story about how she was able to start a gift shop many years before, and the details of how her husband and she had  opened shops. She went to market in New York City and learned how to pick lovely, quality items that delighted and filled homes with color. Somehow, we got to the question of how old she was--I was expecting her to be near to my age--and to my surprise, Hilde said she was 81. She was charming, fun, interesting, engaged and I decided I want to be her when I grow up--an unexpected delightful time and new friend. New friends near the crystal lovelies!

My Colorado friends, be sure to tell her hi for me and that you found out about her here as I want many people to see her wonderful store! Then a lovely walk downtown, a mug of foamy coffee, a hot oatmeal-butterscotch cookie, and home--where the roads had almost cleared up-- to a fire, Christmas lights, a few minutes alone with Christmas music and sparkling snow--and finally about 6 long distance phone calls catching up with sweet loved ones. I don't know what I expected of this day, but I found myself enjoying the sweet company of the people strewn along my path, heart-filling in ways I didn't know I needed. And now to a hot bath--a great ending to my Saturday. I hope you have such a Sabbath day tomorrow--one filled with surprises and friendship unexpected.