Salad Art and this and that and giveaways and winners

I love salads and we try to have one at each dinner meal. It is an easy way to get your 5 fruit and vegetables in as well as just to provide health with daily greens. I found over the years, from the time my children were quite small, that if I made things interesting or beautiful or fun, they were much more likely to develop an appetite for those things.

My friend, Shelley, is masterful at this. This beautiful centerpiece is just a simple salad made pretty. And of course our challenge is to have the kids have at least one veggie of each kind when they make a scoop. We all marveled and ooohhed and ahahahed at this before we dived in. You can use other veggies and fruit (like cranberries or blueberries) to add some extra tangy flavor--for me the more the merrier.

So, tonight, look at your recipes in a differently and see if the presentation can make the very same recipe a little bit more artistic. What are some of your family's favorite recipes? We might pursue some great fall recipes, soon!



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The winner of the book is Janine, whose comment says:
Janine says:

I have 3 boys – Malachi, 12 Josiah, 10 and Elijah 7 and boy(no pun intended) could I relate with everything written. So glad I have Someone to turn to for help!!


Thanks, Brooke, for making this book a gift to Janine. You can also purchase this book for a download at her sight and it will really encourage you!

In the midst of life and nursing, I forgot to announce the winner of Nathan's ebook. It is:


Kimberly Sanchez

Oh, Sally, I want a copy! How exciting is this for Nathan and for your family. I cannot imagine how proud you must be, as a writer, to have your son follow in your author footsteps. I can’t wait to read the book and share it with others. All the comments so far echo my own heart. Raising a child that has so many difficult needs wears the mama soul down. It’s so good to keep seeing you standing there on the other side seeing the victory playing out in your child’s life. I dream of those days, and pray my heart can last that long. Thank you, Sally, for everything you do.

Thanks for everyone who has left comments  and entered in. You can order Nathan's book as a pdf or kindle at:

Finally, my sweet friend, Brenda Nuland, has a wonderful blog and she has written a great review of Educating the Whole Hearted Child and is giving one away. Join her at: and leave a comment to win the book. Or you can order it at

Off to my afternoon. Cheers!