Satisfying the Longings in our Hearts! And a webinar!

webinarLFP There were times as a mom of 3 under 5 that I wondered if I would ever be allowed times of pleasure as an adult. My days were made up of a constant stream of feeding, cleaning up messes, settling small squables, picking up a child one more time, cajoling my little ones to sleep and then over and over again.

A part of me loved my precious little ones, watching them grow, becoming their friends, and having my own little club. But the mundane work of the everyday sometimes emptied my soul, the part that was "me" sometimes got lost in the demands of my demanding and sometimes lonely seasons.

As a dreamer-type who loves to have adventures and enjoys the sparkle of life, I wondered if my life of heart fulfillments and pleasures was over.

Slowly, I began to learn secrets, ways, to invest in my life so that my soul could stay alive and my adult heart could soar once again.

This is why I am so excited about the webcast coming up with Sarah Mae and me sharing some of our discoveries.


This is why I am excited for her to share her newest book with you so that you won't feel alone--but understood from one who is in your place.

And the fun is that Sarah Mae is celebrating her book with some really fun giveaways. If you pre-order her book, you will get the following!

1 or more books – Webinar with me and Sally Clarkson

5 or more books (for a group study) – Webinar, paperback copy of Desperate (limited to the first 150), the first four chapters of the audiobook of Desperate, one-year bible (limited to 100), DaySpring journal (limited to 100), signed print, PDF of D & D course, LFP teaching video

10 or more books – All of the above plus one life-coach session w/ Carey Bailey (limited to 10), Skype-in with your book club

You can find out about all of the details HERE

Hope you can join us on our webcast.

Order the book, HERE, and save your receipt!