Saturday in December

I am: Getting ready for a teen car scavenger hunt for 14 friends of Joy tonight. (They go out in 3 different cars all over the community!) We did it with the older kids, followed by a white elephant.

Taking Joy to drive on the freeway for the first time! Yikes!

Listening to my own Pandora radio station on Clay's computer playing Christmas Instrumentals. Ahhhhhhhh! Wonderful.

Getting the old Christmas Tree cake pan out to make the desert for tonight. Always the favorite.

Hoping for an afternoon cup of tea in a quiet house all by myself before havoc kicks in again.

Reading all the Christmas books on our hearth, tables, baskets.. (Christmas in My Heart by our friend Joe Wheeler; Annika's Secret Wish (so sweet), The Christmas Miracle, The Legend of the Candy Cane, The Indescribable Gift

Basking in the good news that Joel has been chosen as one of three musicians as the outstanding composing students at Berklee College of Music by his professors and will have an opportunity to have professionals play and record 20 minutes of his original pieces at the college in a spring concert in Boston.

Trying not to panic or become anxious about all there is to do on my lists for this month.

Preparing for our Christmas tea this Monday and for the Christmas Tea Bible study this Tuesday night.

Running to the Mac store to see if they can figure out why my computer won't connect to the internet and everyone else's will.

Thinking I will take the time to have that cup of tea right now.............

Going to stock up on groceries for the boys coming home end of next week.

Thanking God for home sweet home--we have lived in this house longer than any other since we have been married. Going on 5 years.

Getting excited to have all of my children under my roof. Getting scared about cooking all the meals for all of the children under my roof who expect great food and preparing myself for all the dishes.

Looking out my window, thankful to the beautiful crisp day with the trees and mountains.