Seasons of Life As a Mama ... and a Giveaway, of course


Sequestered by myself in a small, dark, cold room, I had taken two days away in the mountains to work on a deadline, when everyone was out of town. After hours and hours of trying to think of profound things to share, I became frustrated from being cooped up and decided to take a walk in our beloved small mountain town of Breckenridge to get some fresh air.

As I was walking the town main street, a darling little shop caught my eye. I crossed the street and remembered that it had been one of my favorite in years past. I had been admiring a beautiful shawl, paisley, in blues--something I had admired several times before. (I am wearing it in the pictures!)


Shari, the owner, seemed an immediate kindred spirit as she and I talked and shared stories. I ended up with the lovely shawl--(and must say I have had lots of comments on it since I have been wearing it! :)

Shari showed me around her darling boutique. Exquisite gloves gave us a fun time of trying several on with outfits. My daughter, Sarah, loves beautiful leather gloves and so I knew quality at once.

100509As we talked, Shari offered to give away one of her lovely vintage, turquoise shirts ($70 value!) for a mother's day gift to one of my readers.

You can find more about her and her beautiful store by visiting:

Here: There were so many lovely unique items and I already have my eye on another lovely flowing blouse. 

Shari made my afternoon a really fun serendipitous memory.

Enter below to win this lovely blouse, a $70 value, for you or for your mom! And thanks so Shari for this fun Mother's day gift for one of you or your mothers if you win.

And, today, I am giving away 3 more books--one of my own favorites, because I wrote it in the thick of my mothering years--Seasons of a Mother's Heart. I hope it will greatly encourage several of you mamas in the midst of your seasons! Here is an excerpt!

"So many seasons of my mothering years brought challenges, unexpected stresses and lessons and a constant stretching of every fiber of my being!"

"I am by nature strong-willed and idealistic, and for many years I was in the habit of telling God how I thought he should run my life. I was so willing to live by faith and to do whatever it took to do his will, yet God didn't seem willing to reciprocate by changing the negative circumstance and relationships in my life!

There was a period of 12 years in our marriage when Clay and I experienced difficult circumstances almost as a way of life. Even though it was also a time of wonderful ministry experiences and much fruitful work, I seemed to find myself too often complaining to God about the difficulties, pleading with him to change our circumstances.

Now, as I look back over those years, I can see that I waste a lot of time wanting God to change the very circumstances he wanted to use to prepare me for the ministry we're now enjoying. How thankful I am that I did not get my own way, but how I wish even more that I had not wasted so much precious time trying to! Much joy was missed during those years by not choosing to be thankful.

Life is not that much different now than it was then, but I am different now. We still have great blessings mixed with great difficulties, but I am learning how to choose to be thankful for both. Rather than resisting the life God has given to me, I can choose to relax and release the stress of a busy life through a spirit of thankfulness, because I know that God is in control. And in that choice, I am discovering the joy that God has always wanted me to have. And for that I can joyfully say ... thank you, Lord!" ~ from Seasons of a Mother's Heart 


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