Secrets of Training Godly Character in the Heart of Your Child & A New Podcast

LGH-Gift_postcard So excited to begin the journey of launching my newest book--coming out February 2! Get my new book for your friends for an Inspiring Christmas Gift and print and send them this postcard with your personal note! A sweet friend, Anna, who is helping me with my launch team, said she thought giving your friends a copy of the life-giving home for Christmas was a great idea. You can print out the postcard above with a personal note and make it a great new years--Start the new year off with a great plan--sort of book. Hope you enjoy it!



Tonight, after a long day in Philadelphia with my sweet Joel and Joy, I am boarding an airplane for home--always the best place to be. I do love visiting my boys! (Though it was 63 in Philly today and it will be 13 degrees tonight at home!)

This weekend, admits many activities, Kristen Kill and I recorded a new podcast for you. Building, teaching and nourishing Godly character into the heart, mind and soul of your child is essential to your child becoming a healthy adult. Teaching anyone to pursue godly character always encourages and inspires the teacher who has to be accountable to these ideals.

We hope you will share this podcast with your friends as it is a great time of year to  begin re-visiting your ideals and making a plan for the new year. Character is what serves the rest of the a person's life. Only as we are reliable, have integrity, stay faithful, work diligently, love unconditionally, stay faithful, choose faith, pursue forgiveness--the foundations of character--can we become strong and healthy in all walks of life and in all circumstances of life.

I held three goal in this area at all times!

  1. Giving our children and ourselves a foundation of a self-image of one who wants to be godly, holy, set apart for God's purposes is the beginning. Such a grid for life says, "I am ready to pursue holiness every day, all the time, to please you God and to do what is right." It is a vision for life. I want my life to count for eternity and so today I will seek to serve God in my heart, my attitudes, my work, my relationships--in every way.
  2. Learning and instructing what Godly wisdom is, is essential to being able to follow the vision--teaching the true principles of character help us to pursue integrity. (24 Family ways is good for this.) Learning the meaning of virtue and virtues of moral excellence: diligence, faithfulness, generosity, loyalty, righteousness, etc. When the meaning of a virtue is digested in cognitive understanding,  and in cultivating an education for values, then instruction can follow on how to live out virtue through our actions.
  3. Practicing "doing" and "being" godly character traits, making godly habits a familiar part of every day, and correcting each action to move in the direction of faithfulness is the practical place of training and building godly character. We discuss all three in the podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful week. All mine are coming home this week. Can't wait. Sending wishes for your week to be one of peace.