Shaping A Heart For Him {Happy Valentine's Day!}


"As parents, we do not always express our love for our children according to biblical principles and patterns. Occasionally one of us will "lose it" and unload verbally on our kids. Like when mom gives work assignments three times that don't get done. Or when dad finds his tools left in the yard overnight in the rain.

Like most normal parents, we have our "bad discipline" days when our gentle, sympathetic, loving spirits seem to go into hiding. Fortunately, our children know it's a passing phase (although they do get very obedient very quickly on those days). We recover quickly because we know their hearts, and they know ours." -Educating The Wholehearted Child

Over the years, countless mothers have asked me what the big secret is. How did all four of my very different, unique children end up living passionately in their own arenas pursuing a life that glorifies God? If your children will grow up to go out into the world and live a life for the Lord, it must start in your home.

Home discipleship is shaping your child's heart to live for God. It is taking the sensitivity you have cultivated in their spirit to know God and experience His life and building on that to help them to know more about God's truth and what it truly means to live for Him. Discipleship, ultimately, is the process of beginning to walk on God's path of life and to follow Christ. Although it will involve studies and reading and perhaps even some curriculum, it is at its core a relational process, just as it was in Jesus' day.

The difference is, now, you as the parent play the role of Jesus. You are inviting your children to walk with you and with Jesus, who lives within you, so they can begin to follow, learn from, and become Christlike. Your children are not your disciples-you are both disciples of Jesus, learning together to follow him and be like him. And when that happens, you have cultivated home discipleship.

You will be able to shape the hearts of your children through relationship with them. Each and every day will not be perfect, sometimes on their side, sometimes on yours. However, when you are walking with your children and doing life together, being disciples of Jesus together, your family foundation will be one of love and hearts for Him.

His love, through you, in the midst of grace in the midst of mistakes, will fill in all the cracks.

Fill their hearts with discipleship so that they may desire a life with God. Give your children extra love today, and

Happy Valentine's Day!