Slugs and Bugs and a singing giveaway!


Last weekend, Clay and I had the privilege of hosting Randall Goodgame for a special concert at our church. But the real fun of the weekend was talking and sharing stories until midnight. It is always such a blessing to meet kindred spirits who share our heart for ministry. His music is wonderful and memorable and will stay in your children's hearts.


Saturday night with Slugs and Bugs--Clay, Randall and me!

Randall wanted to share some of his own thoughts about the power of music in children's lives. Here it is!

Music is mysterious. There’s something about music that impacts our ability to remember. And few things are as important to remember as God’s Word.

Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs was inspired by that very purpose. With the help of friends like The African Children’s Choir, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Frankenstein, Dracula,and The Wolfman, :-) Sing the Bibleaims to make scripture memorization so lovely and enjoyable that you don’t even realize you’re learning (63 verses and all the books of the Old and New Testaments!).
It all started with my own kids. I wanted them to memorize more Scripture, and I realized I couldn't remember much either! I crafted a few songs with simple melodies and instantly the magic took hold of all of us. Then, when I visited Uganda in 2012, the simple but infectiously singable melodies sung by my young Ugandan friends inspired a flood of new songs. Before long my family and I had memorized over 50 verses!
Of course, memorization is only the first step. In the end, we want to be transformed by the Word. But if we do have it memorized, we can trust the Holy Spirit to bring the words to mind when we need them.
I’m so grateful to Sally for including Slugs & Bugs in their big website launch week!  (Looks awesome, Sally!) And thank you, dear readers, for embracing the introduction. It’s an honor to be among you!

Randall has generously provided us with 6 albums for us to giveaway for all of you who come to this blog. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter and tell your friends about this fun giveaway!


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You will want to have them for a concert in your area--our families were thrilled!


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