Some day, I'm gonna have a hammock

Giovanni Boldini

Today, I can barely keep my eyes open. About 6:30 this morning, Sarah came into my room to awaken me so that we could go to our Saturday morning coffee and then walk downtown, and I was sleeping like an exhausted baby.

We walked and the early morning heat threatened to shorten our walk--I am allergic to heat--it makes me grumpy. However, where we live in Colorado, we almost never have any real heat, so I enjoy hopping from shady spot to shady spot and hoping for breezes in between. Seems in the shady spots of Monument, which is my town, there is always a pleasant breeze. We do not have air conditioners where I live, but house size attic fans that bring the breezes all through our houses 24 hours a day, and keep the rhythmic hum going at nights so we don't hear outside noises. I love the lovely, summer, breezy nights for sleeping.

I think today would be a perfect day for a hammock--swinging under the shade in these breezes, care-free and lazy, something I aspire to some day--maybe a whole lazy day of reading and resting, with nary a dirty dish in my wake, or even perhaps a week of such rest, or maybe even a year. I can always dream.

And so, after walking, coming home and  making breakfast for Joel and helping him finalize a loan for a cute little red car, miraculously, everyone was gone from the house, and so I decided to behave like a leisurely woman of ease. Sipping coffee in my blue china mug and cozying up, sprawled on my overstuffed chair with a great book, (Bonhoeffer--his biography by EricMetaxas), and pondering a nap, I think I will make a lazy day a new goal, and some day, I'm gonna have a hammock.